Gov’t Shuts Down School To Accommodate Illegal Immigrants!

photo by newsbomb

When innocent Greek citizens get murdered for trying to get their cars out of the driveway because their wives are giving birth, and while the country is literally ignoring the cries and anguish of many citizens in the center of Athens who constantly live in fear from being vandalized, robbed and attacked by the sudden surge in crime as a result of the influx of illegal immigrants in the center of Athens, the government is getting set to shut down a school so that it can transform it into a relief center to host even more illegals.

According to a report on newsbomb residents in the center of Athens are literally at their bitter end since the government is not taking measures to secure their neighborhoods and restore this historic part of Athens and inspire Greeks to return is rather is adopting initiatives that will probably further worsen the violence there and create possible ghettos.

What is even worse, is that the government prefers to accommodate more illegal immigrants and basically “expel” Greek children from their own schools.

This is a shameful move. No comment.


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