X-Files – The Controversy Surrounding The Bank Of Greece (VIDEO)

The Bank of Greece is the most famous bank in Greece. In the back of citizen’s minds it is the bank that issued the Greek currency -the drachma-, which for 83 years safeguarded our nation’s gold reserves and the bank that sets Greece’s economic policy. So in all actuality it is a state bank… but Is it? Its not.  The Bank of Greece is not owned by the state as no central bank in the world is owned by any state. Just like other central banks Greece’s central bank is not technically answerable to the government and more or less has a sort of monarchical control over money supplies. In short, it is a limited company where the state has minimum interference but which has the right to dictate and shape our economy. Join the X-Files today as it examines the controversy surrounding the Greek central bank and how it is part of this new world economic order.

Apparently this new world economic order has been evolving since 1930 when a young novelist by the name of Owen Young, became the designated creator of the “central bank’s bank.” In his very own book entitled “Tragedy and Hope” by Dr. Carroll Quigley – Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, he said the following: 

The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acing in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.

If you analyze the quote carefully you will immediately identify one thing… that banks and politics go hand in hand. It is no secret that the power of money is greater than the power of words. When any central bank gives away the right to print money to private hands, politicians are no longer in control of their countries.

Every leader who has ever attempted to to stand up against the power of the bankers was either assassinated, and lately we have heard stories that they are also being infected with cancer. The shareholders can earn from it, as shareholders of all companies.

One myth though that does not stick is that all central banks are owned by the Jews. Dr Stan Monteith in The Brotherhood Of Darkness (Anomolos) writes – “Anti-Semitism is a smokescreen (created by this group of elite) to conceal the identity of the true enemy.” He goes on to explain that the objective of the secretive groups is to bring about the surrender of sovereignty and of national independence.

So who are these fellas? Well…. when one of them publicly calls the queen of England his puppet, and says he who controls the money controls the throne then it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out who is in charge.

On June 28th 1998, The Washington Post published an article about the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) titled, “At Secret Meetings in Switzerland, 13 people shape the world’s economy”. In it it described these individuals as “this economic cabal…this secretive group…the financial barons who control the world’s supply of money.”

So our banks are owned by a few oligarch banking families, who decide which country will starve and which country will be prosperous.

Follow this link… and you will find out.

Do not be naive… Rothschild owned central banks around the world are promoting the present world economic crisis in order for Americans, Chinese and all the 193 Rothschild central bank infected countries to accept the coming proposal of the Rothschild owned IMF for a private fractional reserve gold backed global currency.


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