Unprecedented Wave Of Solidarity To Greek People From All Over The World! (VIDEOS)

This is a follow-up story to the “I too am Greek” article we published several days ago. Enfuriated by the “cowardice and lack of imagination of Western governments” and disgusted by the way Greek people have been humiliated on a global level, a new movement from France consisting of common citizens set up a blog and is openly petitioning to the Greek Consulate in France to give them Greek citizenship in solidarity to the Greeks and their current fight for democracy. (Click here for that story)

Since then, we have found tens of other initiatives which are currently underway, or have already occurred by common citizens who want to support Greece and the Greek people in this difficult time. Our hearts are humble as we see an unprecedented wave of Philhellenism which is spreading across many countries.

ENGLAND – The “Occupy London” movement which held a special event In solidarity to the Greek people on the anniversary of the Greek Polytechnic University back in mid November. Reference: http://www.enet.gr/?i=news.el.article&id=326613

UNITED STATES – Our Omogenia in the United States sent its own wishes and personal messages to our political leaders and expressed their sympathy and understanding to their compatriots in Greece. One expatriate said in particular that all Greeks “Shame…They are drinking the blood of the people.”

Feminist and anti-capitalist movement figure Mrs Angela Davis said – “Having participated in the struggle for social justice for many years and a global solidarity movement in my side whenever needed, with many people in Greece have been involved in the campaign for my release decades ago, now when I see the Greek movement to wrestle with such passion against austerity measures in trying to impose, I think it is at the forefront of global change. Around the world, from Egypt to Wisconsin And from South America to Greece and New York people protesting and struggle. It is a very exciting time and I would like to convey to you on behalf of all those who fought here in the U.S. its deepest solidarity with the people of Greece. “

SPAIN – A delegation of Colombian trade unionists from the affiliates and friends of WFTU in Colombia held a protest outside the embassy of Spain in Bogota under the International Day of Solidarity with the Greek people, called by the WFTU Colombia Team worldwide on September 22, 2011. This Day of Solidarity was held simultaneously in several countries to reject the so-called Plan of Salvation in Greece, through which the united capitalists of Europe are transferring the crisis of the imperialist system on the backs of the people and the nation of Greece. Do not forget that this “package” of measures includes, among other outrages: massive layoffs, wage cuts, privatization of state enterprises and natural resources, measures to deepen the poverty of the Greek workers. Reference: http://www.wftucentral.org/?p=3916&language=en

BELGIUM – In what some would describe as an original motion, citizens in Brussels dressed a central statue in their city in the traditional dress of the Evzone soldier, or Greek palace guard. In the framework of showing their support to the Greek people, they gave their most revered statue (symbolic of their city) a Greek feel. The bronze statue entitled «Manneken Pis» (O Katourlis) is considered a symbol of resistance in Brussels and according to legend he was the child of a duke that literally urinated on the invaders who attempted to blow up this city’s walls.


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