MEGA Channel On Wikipedia List Of Gov’t Propaganda Machines

If you google the words “news propaganda” you will probably get numerous links of information and topping all this is its definition from Wikipedia. According to the online encyclopedia, news propaganda is a type of propaganda covertly packaged as credible news, but without sufficient transparency concerning the news item’s source and the motivation behind its release. Transparency of the source is one parameter critical to distinguish between news propaganda and traditional news press releases and video news releases. Wikipedia also says that as with any propaganda, news propaganda may be spread for widely different reasons including governance, political or ideological motivations, partisan agendas, religious or ethnic reasons, and commercial or business motivations; their purposes are not always clear. News propaganda also can be motivated by national security reasons, especially in times of war or domestic upheaval. Suprisingly only three types of propaganda are mentioned, or rather from three different systems. Government produced “news” from the United States, the United Kingdom and are you sitting down…. from Greece’s very own MEGA Channel!

Here is what Wikipedia writes… word for word…

“During the 2010 financial crisis in Greece, the media openly played a protecting role towards the government. Mainly the news program of Mega Channel has been criticised by many other media as well as political parties as playing a role as part of the government propaganda in favour of the International Monetary Fund.” Source: Wikipedia

It does not surprise us, thereafter, why the general public in Greece openly criticizes this television station. The media, is as equally guilty, if not more, about the current crisis. We wonder if our friends at MEGA Channel are proud of this distinction on Wikipedia.


After surfing youtube we also found the following video which is characteristic of what is described above, as far as MEGA Channel is concerned. Reporter Michalis Ignatiou openly admits that George Papandreou and his PASOK government brought on the crisis and asked the IMF to bail out Greece financially… (as well as backs this up with what Strauss-Khan said) and low and behold anchor woman Olga Tremi takes center stage and watch at how she goes about clearing up this surprising (but known by all) statement! Totally priceless …


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