Belarus Requires Citizens To Spy On "Net-izens"

Contributed to hellasfrappe by Basil Venitis

Mike Harris of Index on Censorship points out that as of this morning, the internet in Belarus got smaller. A draconian new law is in force that allows authorities to prosecute internet cafes if their users visit any foreign sites without being monitored by the owner. All commercial activity online is now illegal unless conducted via a .by (Belarusian) domain name, making Amazon and eBay’s operations against the law unless they collaborate with the regime’s censorship and register there.

Karl-Theodor Guttenberg, Internet Czar of Fourth Reich, must persuade the freakish kleptocrats of the enemies of internet to stop persecuting and robbing dissident bloggers. The enemies of internet are Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vardaska, and Vietnam. Instead, Guttenberg is pushed by Neelie Kroes to cooperate with Hillary Clinton to use the social media of internet for Occidental propaganda to incite people to overthrow their anti occidental governments, mission impossible.

Harris notes the law effectively implements the privatization of state censorship: Everyone is required to be a state spy. Belarusians who allow friends to use their internet connection at home will be responsible for the sites they visit. Some have tried to defend the law, stating all countries regulate the internet in some form – but the Belarusian banned list of websites contains all the leading opposition websites. The fine for visiting these sites is half a month’s wages for a single view.

Accusing dissident bloggers of treason, Belarusokleptocrats and Graecokleptocrats have manufactured a blood libel in cyberspace, which in turn incites hatred and violence. The freakish kangaroo justice government of Greece, ls the only government on Earth which steals the computers of its citizens! Infamous CCU is the brutal arm of the kangaroo government of Greece, which terrorizes the cyberspace, stealing computers and files at gunpoint, perjuring, jailing dissident bloggers, and gagging the truth. The Greek Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) is the most disgusting gang in Fourth Reich.

The Arab spring has been a wake-up call to the world’s remaining despots. The internet allowed images of open dissent to disseminate instantly. As Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak found out, once you reach a critical mass of public protest you haven’t got long to board your private jet. It’s a lesson learned by Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus and Europe’s last dictator, and also by the Belarusian opposition.

Lukashenko attempted to destroy the political opposition after the rigged 2010 presidential elections. Seven of the nine presidential candidates were arrested alongside thousands of political activists. The will of those detained was tested. Presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Mikalai Statkevich have been tortured while in prison. The opposition is yet to recover; many of its leading figures have fled to Lithuania and Poland.

Belarus and Greece have become kangaroo valleys, violating basic human rights and Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty, but nobody gives a damn. We cannot understand why the European Commission tolerates political persecution and freakish Kangaroo Justice within the borders of the European Union and cannot refer the Greek government to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We cannot understand why the European Commission cannot protect Greeks from appalling violations of Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty by the Greek government. If the European Union cannot protect Greeks from the repressive Greek government, who will?

Harris points out that within this vacuum of leadership, the internet helped spur a civil society backlash. After the sentencing of the presidential candidates, a movement inspired by the Arab spring “The Revolution Via Social Networks” mushroomed into a wave of protests that brought dissent to towns
across Belarus usually loyal to Lukashenko. As the penal code had already criminalized spontaneous political protest with its requirements for pre-notification, the demonstrations were silent, with no slogans, no banners, no flags, no shouting, no swearing – just clapping.

The governments of Belarus and Greece use charge stacking to persecute dissident bloggers. Charge stacking is the ability to charge a large number of overlapping crimes for a single course of conduct. Combining crimes enables prosecutors to get convictions in cases where there is no misconduct at all. By stacking enough charges, including treason,

Greek prosecutors jack up the threat value of a trial against a dissident blogger, even if the government’s case is very weak. Charge stacking is terror. The Greek government cannot terrorize the Greek people.

Persecuting dissident bloggers, the Greek government violates Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty, which states the European Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and respect for human rights. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, nondiscrimination, tolerance, and justice prevail.


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