Documentary On Greece Makes Swedes Sensitive To Greek Crisis

A documentary entitled “What is wrong with the Greeks” that was aired on Swedish television on January 3, has apparently changed the way Swedish citizens are viewing Greece. Its host, Alexandra Paschalidou, who some may remember was the MC when another Helleneic-Swede Helena Paparizoy won the Eurovision song contest several years ago, is not an unknown to the Swedish television audience. On the contrary she is highly respected in her country and a well-known TV personality. Over the last few years, or after Eurovision, she has been living in Greece and commuting back and forth with her second homeland. Her love for Greece, her roots and especially her frustration to get the truth out and debunk the lies that have been presented about her motherland and its people in this economic crisis inspired her to convince the SVT channel in her country to produce a special documentary about the Greek crisis. They agreed and Alexandra set out to educate northern Europeans about how the crisis has really affected us as a people, as well as show its true image. From the posh Kolonaki boutiques, to the slums in Perama in southern Pireaus, Alexandra visits and speaks with common everyday citizens who either live without electricity, work or even food to eat. This documentary is a MUST VIEW for anyone who really wants to see what the repercussions of the debt crisis has been to the less privileged in this country. The documentary is in the Swedish language, but it contains many segments in Greek and English. Hellasfrappe gives this amazing documentary a thumbs up and we salute Alexandra for taking on this initiative. We never had a doubt that the Greek Omogeneia would come through for us. We also express the hope that other Hellenes from other European countries take on similar initiatives or actions.


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