The 7 Year Itch Turns Out To Be The 77 Year Itch!

photo by epikaira magazine

Some couples get divorced when they get struck with the “seven year itch”, but what about the 77 year itch? In our quest to uncover some offbeat news, hellasfrappe discovered that an Italian couple decided to get divorced after 77 years of marriage! The couple married in 1934 in Naples and has been living in Rome since 1955. The report which was featured in several Italian newspapers said that the 99 year-old husband decided to apply for a divorce because he just couldn’t stand his wife any longer. This crazy story which was also featured on the epikaira website in Greece said that the grandpa found some romantic letters back in 2002 and this left him with the impression that his wife of almost 80 years was having “extramarital adventures” !!! Following the incident the couple apparently has been living separately.  Despite efforts by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to reconcile the couple discovered after 77 years that the gap between them was unbearable!


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