Bouzoukia & Kiamos A La Ellinika For Ashton Kutcher

Most of the celebrities that come to Greece usually visit during the summer months, but Ashton Kutcher decided to break this tradition and visit the Greek capital for a little bit of R&R this holiday weekend. At around 5 am on Friday night he was spotted at the Posidonio Club in Athens -which is currently starring Panos Kiamos- and got a Greek “bouzoukia” experience. Gossip reports in Athens said that he enjoyed himself so much with this Greek-style of entertainment as well as with watching fans throwing flowers at the band that he immediately began to engage in the same type of louloudo-polemo (or flower fight) and literally bought out all the flowers at the club! He also snapped a load of pictures and even a video of Kiamos singing! Earlier that evening he had been spotted in the Villa Mercedes Club, and reports now state that he is in Arachova for some good old fashioned skiing.


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