Unknown Stamp Proves FYROM Was Named Vardar

photo by newsbomb.gr

The masks of hypocrisy are now off and Skopje and its allies have finally shown their true intentions. A shocking report on Greece’s newsbomb.gr revealed a rare and unknown until now Yugoslavian stamp, dated from 1939, which shows a map of the former united Yugoslavia, and the various regions and names of all the provinces. Guess what the name on FYROM was? Simple… it was Vardaska (actually known as the former Yugoslavian province of Vardaskas, ie Vardar). The stamp was hidden from public knowledge by all the imperialists who have expansionist dreams in this region of the Balkans. The report also revealed that US diplomats have been attempting to destabilize the region for decades so as to create a “dummy” province that would allow the Slavs to extend their territory all the way to the Thessaloniki port, or to the Aegean.

Our responsibility as a nation is indeed immense. We elected officials that never addressed the issue head on and thus this negligence (and stupidity) allowed a small country such as FYROM to dare to doubt the “Greekness” of Macedonia as well as to distort and ignore its rightful Greek history. There is much at stake here folks, and the FYROM administration only knows this too well. That is why Skopjan Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski
has organized many festivals to erect statues of Greece’s Alexander the Great or of Philip, instead of actually focusing on the real problems that are occurring within his country’s boarders such as the rifts between Slavic and Albanian communities.

The report also revealed a document by the US State Department which shows that Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, in cooperation with
the Soviet Union, sought to promote the expansion of this area up to the Aegean Sea. It proves that Tito changed the name of the
area to Macedonia in just one night!

What is also worth noting is the US government position on all of this. At the time it considered the debate about a “Macedonian” nation to be unjustified , and are you ready for this…. showed its support to Greece stressing that it would consider any government
responsible and accountable if it ever turned on Greece! This of course was because it was the period of the Cold War and the US was in a rift with the former USSR.

Oh how the times have changed since then….

When the Cold War ended, anyone or anything that sided with Russia or had friendly relations with this country was thereafter considered an enemy to the US….  My… my… What a shame!


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