SCANDAL – Resignations of Two Prosecutors Opens Pandora’s Box Against Fraudsters!

A huge political and legal issue just blew up following the resignations of
two financial prosecutors who are claiming that while examining the “hot potato” cases in Greece’s tax-fraud world they were faced with unexplained “obstacles” by the state and “interference” with their work. The allegations are serious and that is why Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Tentes instructed Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court and inspector Fotis Makris to investigate the complaints right away. Furthermore, calls to clarify the circumstances under which the two prosecutors submitted their resignations after noting  that “specific forces” were interfering with their work are also to be thoroughly investigated. Some press reports in Athens today are saying that both these men  – Spyros Mouzakitis and Gregory Peponis – were investigating specific cases of tax evasion and it is suspected that that they stumbled on major criminal acts of fraud. Also, a sudden and surprise visit by temporary prime minister Lucas Papademos with the Presidents of the three Courts is also considered not to have been conducted by chance! Folks… it looks like a Pandora’s Box is finally opening on what we all know and whisper: How the rich (prominent members of Greek society as well as members of the Greek parliament -and especially in the PASOK regime) get richer… while the rest of the population continues to get poorer.

Let’s take the story from the beginning. Financial prosecutors Spyros Mouzakitis and Gregory Melon submitted their resignations over the last few days after noting obstacles and “interference” in their work.

The two men were investigating huge tax evasion cases, and abuse of government fund issues. They were determined to thoroughly deal with all those individuals that have outstanding debts to the state but unfortunately they were faced with what some term “the vathi kratos tou pasok” or the dark side of the PASOK state.

For instance, in order to get his hands on the infamous list of names, Peponis for example had to send the Ministry of Finance three requests and even threaten the ministry with sanctions!

The list, claim reports, includes the names of some 14700 of Greece’s elite society with debts of  150,000 euros and more (each, not in total). Of the aforementioned sum, approximately 6.500 are individuals, freelancers and owners of small and large businesses, while there are also 8200 companies included. Peponis apparently investigated this list, seeking information from the IRS office in Kifissia, where most of these larger companies are listed.

Their resignation letter to Tentes also confirms rumors that have been circulating in Athens over the last few days that several HUGE tax evaders would be arrested. We had even featured a similar story here on hellasfrappe several days ago when we discovered that many elite families were fleeing Greece in fear of being attacked (in what they claimed to be would be civil disorder) but from what it looks like they were actually terrified of having their names plastered on the news and being publicly humiliated as being HUGE tax evaders. Also the two prosecutors are said to have proof that these names also have overly abused government funds (more like sent them to their offshore accounts in Switzerland). Other reports noted that there was so much evidence against these individuals that it could not be disputed and so profound that it would have sent them to jail immediately!

news of their resignations has taken unexpected dimensions, since it does not support the theory that the Greek justice system operates freely, but rather proves that the state can interfere at any moment it wishes.

Shockingly reports also noted that aside from tax evasion Peponis and Mouzakitis also stumbled on individuals who invested in CDS contracts and were actually betting on the bankruptcy of Greece! These same reports also that the two prosecutors also found evidence on the “skillful accounting tactics” which were made on the 2009 deficit by the Statistical Service (where George Papaconstaintinou was openly accused by members of the Statistical Service for purposely bloating the deficit to be larger than that of Ireland.).

Also, the two prosecutors were apparently investigating the Greek IRS and especially its director Mr. Kapeleris. (Kapeleri -a long time member of PASOK- was appointed to this post by G. Papaconstantinou. Is it just us here at hellasfrappe who believe that everyone associated with George Papandreou involved in CDS contracts, fake deficit numbers, fraud, tax evasion, etc. Or is This also going to be termed another coincidence?)

Kapeleris has been formally accused by a Mr. Spinelli for blocking certain cases with huge fines that were never allocated to the state.

It looks like a Pandora’s Box has opened and stinks SCANDAL. Will it undermine many within the government who operated against Greece (and Greek interests)? It remains to be seen.


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