Russia & Israel Want Crete Natural Reserves To Be Explored Immediately!

Russian and Israeli officials have apparently asked temporary prime minister Lucas Papademos to immediately begin exploration drilling under Crete for natural gas and oil and not wait for relevant surveys to be conducted since they already know that there is oil and gas… in them there hills…. More exactly, officials from Gazprom and Rosneft as well as the Israeli Delek recently said that they do not need any additional elements to begin immediate exploration since they have already confirmed LARGE DEPOSITS in this area and have all the evidence they need in order to begin drilling immediately. They also said that since they will take full responsibility for risk drilling they see no reason why the Greek government will not give them the “green light” to begin doing just that!

Who are they kidding? The present Greek government is totally incompetent… and “bound” as former Finance Minister and present Minister of the Environment G. Papacostantinou had said. Indicative of this incompetence is what a Russian official said on the sidelines of the Mixed Energy Greek-Russian Working Group meeting which was held on December12:

“I do not understand what it is going to cost you to allow us to move ahead with this at our own expense in areas that we believe contain deposits. If we fail it will not cost you anything, it will just limit the areas to be surveyed. But if we succeed, we will just have another share in the dozens of large deposits that we run around the globe. But you (Greece) will be saved. In several months you risk losing your deposits for pennies. If we find what we are looking for then the fate of Greece can change as early as March!”

Of course the above positions by Russia and Israel, were reflected in a government communiqué and noted in a more “diplpmatic” language. Whatever the case, it only confirms what hellasfrappe has been saying all
along. Specific interests want our natural reserves and bargain price and are purposely dragging us under economically in order to achieve this. All this in the name of Peak Oil! The Russian and israeli officials are right, we can immediately exploit all these riches now since Greece can get a better price and allow our nation to rise from the ashes and not later when we will be at the bottom and never allowed to rise again!

The report on defencenet said that the Committee met on Monday December 12, and was represented by the Secretary of Energy and Climate Change, Prof. Kostas Mathioudakis, while the Russian side was represented by the Director of the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Kirill Gadzacev. At some point in the meeting it was also attended by Deputy PEKA responsible for Energy Yannis Maniatis.

Interestingly enough, and through diplomatic exchanges, the Russian delegation assured Greece that  it has “nothing to fear” (or anyone) if there are illegal claims for a share on its mineral wealth. Obviously they were referring to Turkey…

The Israeli Company said the same thing. “We do not want the results of the surveys, we know where to do the drilling at 100% of our own expense, with respect to the cost of a possible failure!”

According to the article, all the data that has already been massed from the various surveys that have already occurred by the US and especially by the Office of Natural Resources, is now in the hands of the government of Israel and has thus been forwarded to DELEK. This is why the company is ready to begin implementing various investments in Greece, since it knows that this venture will be profitable in the long-term.

Of course, all is good once this begins to unfold, but it seems that the strong players which are various US oil giants (especially deposits rich in oil) and specific European Union countries want to delay the whole process for unexplained reasons.

Hence the sudden 180 degree shift by Maniatis who had implicitly announced several weeks ago that drilling will begin right away, and now talks about a process that can take years.

He simply confirms what the Russians said, and what we here at hellasfrappe believe and scream at the top of our lungs, that they will steal our deposits for pennies after an impending bankruptcy of Greece’s state assets since they will pass to the hands of our creditors.


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