Papandreou Suffering From "Gadaffi Syndrome" (VIDEO)

Do not be surprised if George Papandreou asks to be re-elected as president of PASOK  so that he can then launch his succession. What… this doesn’t make sense to you? Well it does to George and to understand George you have to first come to grips with his sense of the word “reality”.  “I’ll do my
duty,” said Papandreou to his party’s Political Council a few days ago, a typical phrase that any politician can mutter when he really does not want to be on the up and up about things. In the political vernacular of the imperial world, the phrase came from a boy scout’s oath. The exact oath said “I will do my duty to God and the
King” (Scouting began in
Britain). Folks… George is not planning on leaving, or stepping down as leader of PASOK until he has achieved a role abroad  This man who only took advice from members of his direct family wanted to change the course of this country! Totally pitiful.

So when someone such as our dear George says that he “will do his
duty’ it basically means that the chap does not have any intention whatsoever of leaving his post as as leader of the PASOK party. Seriously folks, who in their right mind actually believes that when Papandreou says that he will do “his duty” that he has his party’s Statute on the back of his mind? A Statute that he himself devised nor does he have the members of his own party who are dying for him to finally step down!

What George is really saying is that his “duty” is to a higher power called socialism which he believes can be enforced properly only under his rule. He basically flat out announced that he wasn’t planning to go anywhere… as of yet and since his successor (Vice-President) E. Venizelos is not in rush to topple him in the party’s leadership George just bought himself a little bit more time in power.

The only thing this meeting proved was that the leading representatives of PASOK are only concerned about their party rank, their own personal survival and their ministerial “chairs”. A party without stigma, which is totally isolated from society, and which is crumbling like a deck of cards.

Indeed they held a marathon 12 hour session (it began at 4 pm and ended at 4 am), but basically nothing was resolved.

True to his tactics, Papandreou  burried his head in the sand like an ostrich for yet another time by going over the work of government and noting that “mistakes were made ​​by all”, while he also blamed the current crisis on “shady” interests and even Angela Merkel. (!) You see… in George’s mind everyone else is to blame aside from him… And if that wasn’t enough, everyone who was present listened tentatively and didn’t dare to ask who then is responsible for everything that Greek citizens have endured over the last two years since they came into rule.

The successors, E. Venizelos Loverdos, Anna Diamantopoulou and even Michalis Chrysochoidis seemed to be following the same line, but did not dare to actually call things for what they really are.

There are few who believe that because George Papandreou traveled to of Libya frequently in the past he may be today suffering from ‘Gadaffi Syndrome’ and this is not allowing him to let go of his  party’s leadership.

We believe them!


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