Behold What They Teach Children In Turkey About Greece!

to a book entitled “The Laws of Turkey in The Aegean” (by EgeDenizinde
TurkHaklari) which was first released in 1955 by Turkish History
professor Mehmet Sakha, the islands of Chios, Samos and Lesvos are
apparently not Greek and what is more, these so called historical (more
like hysterical) theories are currently being taught in Turkish
and military schools.

These incredible theories, that were featured on, claim that the Greeks were just a small fragment of Turkey which had the power to
create large countries and cultures! (Oh brother…)

The work of Selachatin Salizik (Turk
Yunaniliskilerive filiki eteria) also includes other wacky if not
hysterical claims that state that the Greek
culture has roots in Asia and had no original character of its own!
Moreover, this (sci-fi) book notes that Turks arrived in the Aegean
in.2480 BC and we here at hellasfrappe saved the best for last… it
also claims that scholars such as Democritus, Herodotus, Hippocrates,
and even Homer are all of Turkish origin!

Behold some of the theories in the book that was apparently approved by the Turkish
Ministry of Education.

-Page 19 – “The islands are now under Greek occupation.”

-Page 21: “Greece does not have the power to maintain peace in the Aegean.” (!!!)

65: “Peace in the Middle East peace and security in Asia can be
maintained with the return of these the islands to Turkey. “

110: “Turkey proclaimed the extension of its territorial waters to six miles in 1930 and as such the islands of Chios, Lesvos and Samos are within its territorial waters. A country’s right to its sovereignty in its own territorial waters enables
it to exercise the same rights on the islands in these waters.”


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