SPECIAL REPORT – Resist the NWO – Defend the Greek flag – Protect Our National Sovereignty

We the readers of hellasfrappe thereby swear to:

Resist the New World Order
Defend the Greek flag
Protect Greece’s national sovereignty and individuality as a people.

This is hellasfrappe’s new motto as of 2012!

The “plan”, organized by foreign and specific domestic interests in order to grasp
Greece’s national sovereignty is n full force. Today we know that this plan includes all our natural resources and national wealth. Our
government might be discussing the 2012 budget, and Greek and foreign mainstream media agents every night analyze the current debt trends and how the “Greeks had it coming” but no one dares to discuss issues that deal with Greek foreign and national policies because this is the exact “environment” that the government of George Papandreou, and now Lucas Papademos wants. Keep threatening the poor giagia or the poor pappou that he/she will or will not receive their pensions this month and keep their attention away from subjects that even include the shift in our boarders. Or issues that concern gold mines in northern Greece, the deposits of natural gas and oil in the Aegean and under Crete, the Greek-FYROM issue and the isolation of Kasterlorizo, Thrace, and several other key areas.

Friends, if the Hellenic Diaspora does not unite now, then I am afraid that in a short while we might be looking for Greece on a global map only to discover that its boarder begins at Larissa and ends at the Peloponnese.

Indeed, it is the holidays, and indeed we should not be discussing issues that are considered “heavy” but I ask… when is the right time to convince all of you that we are under threat as a nation?

When hellasfrappe first began publishing its articles we featured a story entitled “Hellenes of the World Do not Forget Us”. In this article we begged our Hellene brothers and sisters from every corner of this globe to assemble and listen, to begin lobbying for this wonderful nation, to seize control over their corrupt diaspora leaders, to help us maintain all that we know of Hellas and Hellenism. (Click here to read that story)

Many criticized us, they called us nationalists, some even termed us “cheesy” while others were indeed inspired and began taking action. But hellasfrappe is getting set to celebrate its birthday in two months and yet we are still in the same situation.

Everything we feared, and everything I personally have fought for this past year, placing my own credibility as a freelance journalist at risk, has not changed. Everything is more or less the same. Why so much ignorance and non-action my friends? Our nation is at risk!

How you ask…? Ok here goes…

Do you know that before he began fooling around with the maid in a posh New York hotel, Dominique Strauss Khan was in Greece? That week he addressed government officials. All eyes and ears were centralized on the members of Greek parliament for a reason. Further north, and specifically at the European Parliament, a new non-government organization was making its debut… which one you ask? The “Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe”. Even Greece’s representative (under George Papandreou’s government) accepted this development which 100 PERCENT goes against the Treaty of Lausanne.

If any of you are familiar with the current history of the Balkan region, then you will immediately realize that the Kosovo issue started much in the same way. And what is more… this new NGO plans to introduce other minorities as well and is part of a wider scheme with the “blessings of Germany” as well as other “foreign interests” to totally destabilize our nation and shift its boarders. (Click here for a relevant story)

On the other side of Greece, and specifically in Epirus, a report from the Proinos Logos, a local newspaper, claimed several months ago that the Tsams, (a radical nationalist Albanian group), wants to celebrate their so called “genocide” not on their land… but on Greek soil and specifically in the port town of Igoumenitsa! I need not remind you that this fanatic group sided with Germany and Italy during the second world war and today claims that even areas under Mount Olympus belong to them! (Click here for a relevant story). And what is more, books in Tirana now even claim that Alexander the Great was Albanian! (Click here for a relevant story)

I need not reiterate either about the recent statements made by George Papandreou at the International Socialist Conference in Greece on an imminent separation of Crete from Greece, and how Crete (as if it were an autonomous nation) would play a significant role in the Arab world. What is more… even the Motorola Company made a “mistake” which referred to Crete as an autonomous country and not a state of Greece and later retracted the story and sent out an apology because it realized that this was a huge mistake. These were not mistakes… the issue of Macedonia started in the same way! Like I said… if any of you are familiar with current Balkan history then you will automatically recognize the pattern. (Click here for that story)

I need remind all of you about the recent statements made by PASOK Minister of the Environment (and probably the number two most controversial figure after Papandreou himself) George Papacostantinou who on the sidelines of the Atlantic Council Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum in Costantinopole where he was attending, apparently told a Turkish newspaper that connecting Greek islands to Turkish electric grids is technically easer than feeding them from the Greek mainland. What’s more. he said he hopes to boost flagging Ankara-Athens relations that have been strained by offshore Greek Cypriot gas exploration. Papacostantinou said that his government has already spoken with Turkish officials on connecting Greek Islands to Turkey and is seriously “considering this.” Of course when he came back to Greece after saying this, he was slammed by the Greek media, and he denied all of this… but how can you deny something that you specifically told a newspaper and hundreds of participants at a conference? (Click here for that story).

Also, remember the story I featured several months ago about Papandreou’s mysterious adviser Alex Rondos who said that the Aegean should be transformed into one tourist market where both nations can come and go as they please to each others coasts for the weekend. This approach reminds us of the theory for a unified Hellenic0Turkish area that was endorsed by a Greek professor in Canada. Perhaps such a solution might require a “different Turkey” without the “heavy weight” of the South-Eastern region amongst other things. This is not the correct setting to open this kind of discussion… And then he also said that  relations between Greece and Turkey have to be demilitarized. Turkey has to withdraw its forces from Cyprus and allow the unification of the island, and at the same time it has to back down from a casus belli and after this… everything will be fine. Greece will make the next step by decreasing its military spending, while Turkey, which is under stronger threat, should not. Correct me if I am mistaken… but isn’t Turkey the entity that invaded Cyprus? That constantly threatens Greece with war if it attempts to do the expected and extend its territorial waters and proclaim its Exclusive Economic Zone? Does this sound normal to all of you? This man was an adviser to Papandreou! This man knew about the planned assassination attempt against Costas Karamanlis (click here for that story) who we all know wanted to befriend all nations, and maintain equal diplomatic relations with all foreign countries… This mysterious man, who has always “by chance” appeared in countries where rebellions or threat of rebellions have occurred thereafter, (nations which are rich or are suspected to be rich with natural gas and oil that is) cannot be viewed as someone who is just conducting diplomatic work. From the Balkans and the Milosevic regime, to Georgia and Michael Saakasvili before the conflict with Russia, Mr. Rondos has been at the center of all these developments and his statements should not be taken lightly. (Click here for that story)

Friends… all these pieces of the puzzle only confirm my own personal fears. Our national sovereignty is being threatened. The plan is obvious from all the information I have given you over the past few months and I need not remind you all again about what Kissinger said about the Greeks…

We have to unite now from every spectrum of political life. Let us safeguard and protect this country’s and our children’s tomorrows. We have exceeded the limits.

In closing… I will post two videos from one of my personal favorite MPs Panos Kammenos. If you really want to know what the New World Order has in store for us, I suggest that you watch them both. The third video is again from Panos Kammenos, or a mashup of various things he has said in the Greek Parliament and confirms every story that I have posted above. The third video also contains English subtitles. Enjoy.

Marina Spanos





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