SPECIAL REPORT – More Evidence Against "Smelly" Dealings Of Papandreou Come To Light (VIDEO)

The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together one by one and from what it looks like the noose around the neck of the leader of PASOK, or George Papandreou, is tightening day by day. Last night on Kontra Channel’s new hour, host Terence Quick confirmed a shocking report which has been circulating on the blogs for a couple of months now. Russia was ready to provide soft loans to Greece early in 2010, MONTHS BEFORE PAPANDREOU DECIDED TO BRING THE TROIKA TO GREECE, but Papandreou refused this proposal, and preferred to talk about green energy development instead.

Quick who broke this story on Kontra Channel last year, last night presented a small clip from an exclusive interview he held with the Archbishop of Pireaus who also confirmed this report. The Archbishop revealed that aside from money, Russia was willing to lease the naval base on the island of Syros which also would have benefited Greece financially.

The Archbishop said the obvious: If the Russian naval fleet stationed its base on Syros, would Turkey choose to threaten Greece with a “casus belli” for wanting to extend its territorial waters? Also, would Turkey dare to threaten Greece if the government of Athens decided to finally declare its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)?

The rest of the interview, which was extraordinary, will be broadcasted tonight on Kontra Channel time 10pm Greek time (http://live24.gr/webtv/kontrachannel/). 

(Watch video below)

The next obvious question would be why did Papandreou say no to the Russians?

Probably because the leader of PASOK was playing his own pro-US game at the time since the Americans are currently in an energy war with Russia. Simple as that.

At the same time it was also revealed that aside from Russia, China was ready to lend Greece as much capital as it desired.

And what is more even many wealthy Australian-Greek businessmen had also offered to help Greece before Papandreou decided to bring the Troika to Greece and had contacted the then Finance Minister George Papacostantinou who apparently told them that the Papandreou government cannot accept help… because it was “bound”.

Question: Since when was Greece “bound” Mr. Papacostantinou? And by whom?

Papandreou and his partner to crime Papacostantinou refused all these offers and preferred to put Greece in the most critical economic position it has been since the end of the second world war. This is probably the worst crime ever committed against this great nation and its people.

Aside from all the information that has already been revealed on his secret dealings with former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan prior to our entry in the IMF (click here for that story) as well as his family’s involvement with companies that deal in hedge funds -which are betting on Greece’s default- (click here for that story), and also the mysterious “backdoor” that was opened by the bank of Greece when Papandreou was elected -that allowed the banking cartel to come to Greece -and why it was allowed- SHOCKING ARTICLE – (click here for that story), we are now finding out that our country is bound.

Might this have any connection to the mysterious and controversial “cooper agreement” hellasfrappe wrote about several days ago? (click here for that story) Or Is this connected to all the wikileak articles we have featured from time to time about Papandreou’s secret diplomacy? (click here for a whole catalog of stories)

What else has Papandreou and his merry men “given away” that we do not know about?

Friends… it is obvious that George Papandreou and Company did not work in the interests of our country. It is obvious that these men/women have committed such immoral acts against our country that it will take our nation at least a decade to just stand up again.

We pray that justice will prevail. We have suffered far too long, and did not deserve this.

Papandreou made too many mistakes. He chose sides and never once represented the nation and its people the way it should have been represented. He should have followed the example of his predecessor, Costas Karamanlis. The former prime minister wanted to hold equal relations with all nations, and only looked after Greece’s interests. Obviously, and from the evidence presented, Papandreou did not.

(Click here to read the story we featured several months ago about Papandreou;s trip to Russia)


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