Without Hellenism There Is Only Barbarism!

Greeks have always been the weapon of the enlightened, or the humanist and all those who stood against anti-fascist barbarism, totalitarianism, unbridled capitalism, materialism and even religious fundamentalism. That is why many ignore this reality and claim that contemporary Greeks have no connection to their ancient ancestors. Unfortunately for them we do, a study from the University of Macedonia reveals that even today some 20% – 25% of the DNA of the inhabitants of Greece still has Neolithic origins!

Everything on this planet, all the arts, the sciences, drama, medicine, maths have their roots in ancient Greece. Today the world might be frowning down on Greece for its debt, the news they hear about its corrupt politicians, and for whatever other reason, but for centuries this country and its civilization was highly regarded and respected all over the world.

Apart from discovering the law of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton had also “discovered” the Greek language! The photo above is from a notebook containing many blank pages that was used by Newton when he was an undergraduate at Trinity College. It includes many notes from his studies and, increasingly, his own
explorations into mathematics, physics and metaphysics. It was judged
‘Not fit to be printed’ by Newton’s executor and was presented to the
Library by the fifth Earl of Portsmouth in 1872.

The page, as noted, is written in Greek! Newton read and wrote perfect Greek and challenged the philosophies and scientific ideas of Ancient Greek scholars.The notebook was photographed while it was disbound in 2011

Those who want to do away with Hellenism should know very well…
that everything stems back to Greece. Without it… there is only



University of Cambridge


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