MUST WATCH VIDEOS – Chrisohoidis Admits PASOK Was A Failure – Slams Papandreou!

When the Minister of Development goes on TV and openly admits that the decisions that were taken by his own political party over the last two years are responsible for the present state of the Greek economy… it can’t help but be news! Slamming George Papandreou as well as the policies taken by the socialist PASOK party, one of its own party cadres Michalis Chrisohoidis told Alexis Papachelas from SKAI television’s “Neoi Fakeloi” show late last night that his party “did everything possible to undermine the image” of Greece on the international markets. “We left Greece and the Greeks to be slandered and the result was a catastrophe.”
Chrisohoidis said that the first Memorandum was a “mistake” and admitted that the PASOK party was totally incompetent to handle the crisis!
Ladies and Gentlemen, when the Minister of Development, and leading PASOK cadre openly admits that his government was a failure, that it purposely undermined the image of Greece on the international financial markets thus influencing the spreads to spin out of control and that they proved to be nothing more than an incompetent cabinet of ministers… then he SHOULD RESIGN from his ministerial post right away, he should give in his party membership card and then he should look into another career!
Indeed, PASOK did everything in its power to udnermine the image of Greece, indeed this was the most incompetent and “shady” group of ministers this country has ever known, but come on…. resign! What is it with your party and the ministerial chairs? Unglue yourselves from those damn chairs! Does Chrisohoidis actually think that by admitting the truth at this point and time he will score points with us… the people? Or does he think that it will help PASOK gain credibility again in the future? 
Hahahaha… that indeed is funny!
The PASOK party is right now ranked in fifth position in certain public opinion polls that were published this past weekend. Jeezzz… this party is dropping quicker in the polls than you can say suicide. 
Please Mr. Chrisochoidis… we are grateful that you have finally decided to be on the up and up but if you are really sincere then put the instigators whom you are accusing in this video behind bars where they belong! Following this you should resign from public office because you and your entourage have done enough damage to this country!
Here is a small clip and further down is the complete interview. (Source of photo – and trailer Exomatiakaivlepo Blog and source of Complete interview SKAI channel).





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