Elite Fleeing Greece In Fear Of Widespread Chaos In 2012!

Many districts in the northern area of Athens and especially Ekali -which is one of the most expensive districts in all of Greece – might soon become ghost towns since most of the residents in this part of the Greek capital are apparently packing up and leaving Greece in fear of widespread chaos in 2012. According to a report on the kourdistoportokali blog recent reports from the international media about a possible civil war, or an outbreak of chaos in 2012 has apparently forced many families in the rich northern suburbs of Athens to pack up and go!

The article says that the residents who have decided to leave are in such a panic that many have already left the country and settled permanently in other European and North American nations without even settling the issue of their homes! The blog notes that their houses have been handed over to several posh real estate agencies and many are already on sale, while other homes will be going up for rent.

Some would say so what… and so did we until we got to the juicy part. According to the blog many of these families are involved -in one way or another- in the squandering of state funds (and have been for decades) and fear the wrath of the people! This made us pause for a moment. If the blog made it a point to note this then does this mean that this information will finally become public knowledge? Because up to now it was a hush, hush topic and of course no one dared to even touch the subject.

If that is so… then we are really curious as to what we will find out… and especially how the Greek people will react to it. And if our suspicions prove to be true then the scenes on the streets of Argentina ten years ago will be nothing in the face of the Inferno that will spark in Greece when all of this becomes public knowledge.

We will wait and see….


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