SPECIAL REPORT – Greece’s Natural Reserves & The Cooper Agreement

Many are still
puzzled over the flood of stories indicating that Greece has tremendous
amounts of natural gas and oil. Why are you all so surprised? It has
been common knowledge and part of a “secret agreement” since the 1940s!
read an interesting article on the ListonPlace blog this morning, which commented on a recent statement By Deputy Minister of the Environment (and Energy) Giannis Maniatis who said there is oil… “the Greeks will not be disappointed” in an article that was featured in Greece’s “Kathimerini” newspaper. The blog obviously blasting the government on its “sudden” discovery, reveals that Greek politicians have known about our nations vast wealth for decades… and that they have purposely been ignoring it, and instead belittling our country and our economy so that we can be easier prey for foreign oil giant “vultures” who have been wanting to sink their teeth into our reserves. It also lists some pretty interesting information and hard facts about
Greece’s natural wealth as well as several mind blowing questions on this subject and we here at hellasfrappe decided to translate this article for you, but at the same time analyze some of the points it makes. 
Keep on
reading folks… and then decide if you want to overdose on sedatives,
literally spit on our government (especially George Papandreou) or get
angry… VERY ANGRY! – We have already passed stage one and two and are
steaming mad!
The blog reveals that before Papandreou was forced to step down from power this past November, following the fiasco with the referendum, the PASOK leader announced the exploration of oil and natural gas in the southern region of Crete and the Ionian, which as revealed, was INCLUDED (for some odd reason) in the new loan agreement. (This alone should make anyone suspicious...) 
Also says the blog, Papandreou included that the issue of FYROM would be also addressed by the current interim government (This too should sound an alarm, since the present Prime Minister literally works for Germany and the New World Order and as we all know, Germany wants this issue to be settled… and fast! As for the NWO… well remember what Kissinger said about moving their plans ahead in the Balkans, Middle East and Mediterranean?)

Obviously there are too many issues that need questioning here. 
The obvious first question would be “now they discovered oil and natural gas?” This has been common knowledge since the 1940s!
Now our government realized the vast wealth of Greece, after belittling her into becoming a beggar just to survive and feed her people?
Now they realized that they placed a loaded gun our heads when they supported a bozo and traitor that handed over our sovereign rights as a nation to foreign predators? –  Permanently, irrevocably and unconditionally (as stated in the loan agreements).  –We here at hellasfrappe have been screaming this out for over a year now!
Now our government realized that our lenders, have been systematically blackmailing us and have had the audacity to tell us that they can not do anything about it and that is why they decided to succumb to their appetites?

The same politicians, and one family in particular that has governed Greece for three generations, all knew the “big secret”. GREECE’S VAST WEALTH!
All these wannabes in the Greek Parliament were responsible for safeguarding Greece’s mineral wealth and the interests of our country, but instead opted to place us in a position of slavery to their foreign commanders just to quench their own interests. (We don’t think we need to tell you which family we are referring to….  read further up).
And now the same people who put us into this mess, and belittled Greece to such an extent (its economy that is) that can only be matched to that of the the end of WWII, have the manhood to announce to us that they have realized that there is rich mineral wealth on our land and in our seas and that we are going to now exploit it… or just a small part of it that is… 
Wow… thanks!
Why was it totally ignored all these years? 
We want to remind all of you that these very same politicians that pretended to be the “progressive group” in Greece but who at the same time consciously cultivated the image of a “Psorokostainas Greece” (meaning the poor but honest Greeks and Greece).
You might say… That doesn’t matter re… Kali Kardia… Oh Really?
This very same group of people also divided the coffee shops, and painted them green, blue and red making brothers and sisters kill each other -metaphorically speaking-. (Those who are Greek understand exactly which political party we are referring to).
These very same wannabes also convinced three generations of people in this country that they would never amount to anything, because Greece had limited capabilities. Funny… everything a Greek person touches abroad always turns to gold… but in Greece people are “limited”. Of course they are… because the “system” made them believe it!
So many years of wannabes… so many lies.
And all this because of our natural wealth.
They made us completely helpless and vulnerable and gave our wealth away in the loan agreements. 
Dear friends, the story of Greece’s vast wealth is old. It is not something that surfaced or was discovered recently. 
In a 1947 book by Dimitiri Mbatsi entitled the “Heavy industry of Greece” we learn that Greece is one of the richest nations in the world in radon, aluminum, bauxite, manganese, magnesium, nickel, red mercury and lanthanum. We also learn that we have massive amounts of uranium and coal (it is known that war in Kosovo was for lignites). It also states that there are rich deposits of oil and osmium, natural gas and that only methane reserves that exist south of Crete sufficient to initiate ten thousand years the cars on the planet.
Yes you read correctly! For thousands of years….
And all this was known… since 1947!

The same book also speaks of the “Cooper Agreement”.
Hold on… what is the “Cooper Agreement”? And how does an American company fit into all of this?
Well if you google the “Cooper Agreement” you won’t find very much. We tried it on hellasfrappe and we only found very limited information, and this mostly through several blog posts. 
The agreement, according to the book, was made on the sidelines… or through “secret diplomacy” that is… in the late 40s and concerns Greece’s natural wealth, meaning our reserves.
From time to time information is leaked to the Greek press about this agreement which is said to exist at the Ministry in charge of industry (so we would assume this would would be Greece’s development ministry) and it is secretly handed down from minister to minister as a “sacred secret”. According to the agreement, our former leaders agreed not to allow our seas and our land to be plowed for their natural wealth because they controlled the exploration and exploitation rights for 70 years!
After publishing this startling informaiton, the author of this book, or Mr. Dimitris Mbatsos was gunned down by N. Belogianni in 1952!
Coincidence some would say… but was it?
Think real hard. The Cooper Agreement bound Greece for 70 years and its end was on December 31, 2010 when George Papandreou was in power. Now we know what you all might be thinking… this too much of a coincidence. Seriously folks… is it? We all know that Papandreou was not working for the interests of Greece, because if he was then he wouldn’t be in private talks with the IMF or Strauss-Khan before our entry there… So was he serving our interests when this outrageous agreement expired?
Keep on reading it gets even more interesting.
We honestly do not know. But what we do know is that there was a clause in this agreement. If Greece did not respond negatively to the Hugh Cooper & Co. Inc. Chemical Construction Corporation, or denounce the agreement by the date given above, then the contract renewed itself automatically for a further 25 years!
We can only assume that Papandreou did not dennounce it because right after the date given above, the memorandum and the loan agreements arrived through which every asset in our country is now in the hands of our creditors or has been handed to our lenders. And all this not in its nominal value….. but fully depreciated!
Right after the due date, and totally by coincidence as well… (yeah right) Olympiada Halkidiki by TVX Gold of George Soros, began exploiting the subsurface in its mines in Halkidiki and surprise, surprise now they are saying that they are finding gold, and uranium there!
How can this be when they have known this for over 15 years!!!!!
Specifically on 23/2/96 a confidential report, published in the economic daily “Ependitis” showed some shocking results of geological measurements that were made in Northern Greece by the IGME (Hellenic Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration). The report said that IGME had found that the area contained more than 100 TRILLION DRACHMAS in uranium deposits and other rare metals that can be used in the construction of satellites and missiles.
Today, these findings are being ignored and word has it that the Institute is going to be shut down… 
Is this a coincidence as well… ?
Or should it raise some concern and sound an alarm?
And if you are thinking that the article was written by a journalist, then think again. The article was signed by seven distinguished Greek scientists and refers to the ore deposits in this area of Greece which they claim contain over 300 million tonnes of uranium concentrate. They also note that some 16 percent of other rare minerals are also found there such as rutile, loutesio and lanthanum, which have very specific uses in manufacturing missile systems as well. 
They also note one area in the Mount Symbol region in Kavala. According to the scientists, it is one of the largest uranium deposits INTERNATIONALLY. We need not remind all of you that when this article was published in the 90s uranium was priced at some $ 20,000 a gram! 
Imagine what its value is today!

There are too many coincidences… and certainly too many questions. And certainly ANGER a lot of ANGER from the Greek people since all of this was common knowledge by our country’s politicians and not by us! Now that the web has allowed us to share information people are pulling their hair with everything that is being surfaced!
We also found out that when the Nazis occupied Greece they
mapped out all these regions and after the fall of Hitler, the relevant maps
and information was given to the Americans. So now we understand what their interests are in our Macedonia and Thrace… or at least one of their interests. 
Quite interestingly, former Ambassador to Greece Nicholas Burns said on a live broadcast on the MEGA television channel that indeed there is oil in the Aegean and that this essentially creates tension between Greece and Turkey. So he basically left it to be understood that if we ever attempted to exploit and/or explore our natural reserves then Turkey would suddenly declare a casus belli on us? Does this mean they work together? Hhmmmmm……
The presence of oil and gas in the Greek market was confirmed and Hillary Clinton in an interview on the show Papahelas “Neoi Fakelloi” as well. Click here for that story.

Why won’t they let us negotiate some sort of payback from the exploitation of this wealth? Because the elite… wants its cake, and wants to eat it too… simple as that!
We are certain that you are all asking yourselves how can a nation with such an immense wealth (not counting other comparative advantages such as our climate, the richness of the soil, the quality of the water), be looked at as being bankrupt and told that it has no other alternative but to surrender its national sovereignty? Well some could say that they did not know anything about this, but if this was true then how could they reverse a mistake that has been going on for 70 years in several short months? 
Something else is going on… c’mon!
Our only guess is that maybe it was time for Greece’s wealth to become public knowledge but first they had to make us kneel economically, discredit our economy, and make us look ineffective and weak as a nation. We were more “controllable” this way, Kissinger would have been proud. Kind of reminds you of the propaganda and the climate before the war in Iraq doesn’t it?
So sad folks… We are victims of predators, anti-Hellenes and greed. 
The only thing we know for certain is that Greece is one of the richest countries in the world, or at least its subsoil is. But just like Sierra Leone is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in the production of diamonds, its citizens die of starvation … The same will happen here, because for 70 years now the New World Order together with wannabe Hellenes worked hard for this. 
May God have mercy on our land… 


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