George Papandreou Now Wants To Leave Greece!

“ΘΕΛΩ ΝΑ ΦΥΓΩ…” or I want to leave were the only words uttered from the mouth of former prime minister and leader of the socialist PASOK party George Papandreou during a dinner at his home in Kastri several nights ago, blog reports said. A few days ago, says a report on “Apospasma” George Papandreou dined with two specific families at his family home in Kastri and the conversation of course began to center around the subject of his future in PASOK as well as its leadership. According to the blog post, Papandreou said that he was going to step down because as he revealed, he has been offered a new “post” abroad. But he is not leaving…. and one has to wonder why? 
A revealing article published in the “Pontiki” newspaper claims that until now Papandreou’s effort to remain stuck in the PASOK presidential chair was associated with fear of being accused for totally destroying the Greek economy, 
The fear is not only related to civil punishment, which he and his party are already experiencing and suffering from but it is mostly related to the possibility of a formal judicial investigation into the legitimacy of his political activities while in office. This, according to the article, is what he is actually afraid of since the paper believes it can without a doubt  lead to his prosecution. 
Papandreou can be prosecuted for:
  • taking the initiative to bring the IMF to Greece and presenting it as the only “solution” to the debt crisis.
  • all the unconstitutional decisions he adopted which obligated Greece to implement unbearable and harsh austerity measures against its own people, as well as ignore legislation and sign unheard of and unconstitutional (illegal) loan contracts and memorandums with the Troika. 
  •  adopting “fishy” and very “shady” procedures on the issue of fast track business ventures that have as their aim to sell off all of Greece’s public assets and wealth.
    the issue of  CDS and the variation in bond prices before and after Papandreou’s call for IMF aid, since there is evidence from what they say that “a whole lot of speculation was going on” allowing many to create MASSIVE fortunes.
     accusations and solid evidence (presented in an article in the “Paron Tis Kyriakis” as well) on all the secret Foreign Ministry funds to non-government associations and organisations which apparently skyrocketed during his term. (While holding the position of premier, papandreou was also heading the foreign ministry as well).

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