SPECIAL REPORT – Were The Fires of The Peloponnese a Coincidence Or Were They Planned… You Decide!

One of our favorite websites, or blogs, is olympia. It is one of the few blogs in Greece that actually does amazing investigative reporting and only presents its reports when it documents all the information. Such is the case for the following story, which is not unknown news by bloggers, but certainly will shed some light to all of you who are probably still struck with the impression that the great fires in 2007 in Greece were a freak of nature. Sometimes folks too many “coincidences” begin bringing out the conspiracy artist in all of us.
The lady you see in the picture is Turkish journalist Zeyno Baran, which, on March 14, 2007, wrote in the American journal NATIONAL REVIEW, an article on the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline warning about the dangers of the Greek, Bulgarian and Russian energy agreement and essentially throwing the first warning shot to former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis that he was amongst “bad company”.
Two days later, on March 16, 2007, Putin and Karamanlis signed the agreement on the pipeline .
Coincidence some would say.
The gentleman you see in this picture is US Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Matthew Bryza. On June 29, 2007, Mr. Bryza, cast a second warning shot to Karamanlis in a story that was featured in the Greek daily “TO BHMA” stating the former prime minister should “not move ahead with the pipeline” project.
Karamanlis did not take any of this seriously, and continued to move ahead with the pipeline venture. A few days the former PM signed the agreement with Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin.
And wouldn’t you know it, on August 23, 2007, a whopping 170 fires broke out without reason and overnight in the Peloponnese, where dozens of innocent people lost their lives. On the same day though and in Constantinopole Zenyo and Bryza were married.
Again you might all say that this is just another coincidence…
Is it?
Well let’s see who Bryza is. 
Matthew Bryza, is now Ambassador of Azerbaijan but since 2001 has been involved in coordinating US Government assistance programs on economic reforms in Caucasus and Central Asia. Starting from July, 1998 he served as the Deputy Special Advisor to the President and Secretary of State on Caspian Basin Energy Diplomacy, coordinating the US Government’s inter-agency efforts to develop a network of oil and gas pipelines in the Caspian region, or so Wikipedia and some other reports say.

(Hmmmm…. Both he and his wife are inter-connected to oil, oil exploration and the energy industry on behalf of the US. Coincidence?)

In April 2001, Bryza joined the US National Defence Council as Director for Europe and Eurasia, with responsibility for coordinating US policy on Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Caspian energy.

Quoting the remarks in an article that was featured in the BHMA newspaper, Epikaira magazine said several months ago in an article that was featured here on hellasfrappe that Bryza, attempted to defame the news that stated that former Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis was successful in landing a deal with Russia on the South-Stream natural gas pipeline, describing it simply as a “statement of intent”. While he also said that all parties should wait to see what the reaction from the European Committee would be on the matter with competitive terms.

(First Conclusion: The US was NOT pleased with Karamanlis’ decision to partner with Russia… duhhh)

On March 16, 2007 an article in the National Review by Bryza said:

Athens risks undermining not only its own energy security, but that of the entire European Union. Furthermore, the construction of B-A would strain Greece-Turkey relations.
Greece should instead take the politically difficult but strategically wise decision to shelve the project, thus maintaining its sovereignty, contributing to European energy security, and preserving the critically important energy partnership that it is developing with Turkey.
Although the Greek government seems to believe that it needs this pipeline for strategic reasons, the pipeline will only damage Greek–and European–interests. 
Furthermore, in order to secure oil for B-A, Greece may have to agree to accept the participation of the Russian natural-gas monopoly Gazprom in the separate TGI pipeline–which would entirely negate the whole purpose of a non-Russian gas transit route to Europe. TGI is a win-win project between Turkey and Greece that will deliver Azeri gas to EU markets. Considering Europe’s tremendous need for energy supplies (specifically gas), and in light of Russia’s intimidation-based energy policy towards the EU, access to an alternative source of gas is extremely important. TGI is already making real progress, and by the end of this year Azerbaijan will already start sending small volumes of much-needed gas to Greece via TGI. In nine years Azerbaijan could export one-third of what Russia currently sends to Europe. This significant volume would free the EU to a considerable extent from Moscow’s grip. 
If Greece goes ahead with the B-A pipeline, it will lead to tension with Turkey, which prefers the Samsun-Ceyhan bypass route instead. In its attempt to reduce tanker traffic through the Straits, Turkey itself considered an even shorter bypass oil-pipeline that would end in the Aegean, but dropped it in part due to a number of environmental risks. It is now developing a much longer oil pipeline that would bring oil to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan. Read more on this here

Second Conclusion: Bryza who is American and his wife who is from Turkey were apparently working against the interests of Greece as seen in the article above. His own article clearly says that if “Greece goes ahead with the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis” pipeline then this would lead to tension with Turkey….” 
So does this mean that the US and Turkey control when there should or shouldn’t be tension in the Aegean to serve their own interests?
And the dates… isn’t it too much of a coincidence that all these fires happened when Karamanlis was trying to make Greece into a global energy hub which would of not served the interests of Turkey and the US. Does this also mean that the fires in the Peloponnese were a “warning” to the former prime minister to stop with this venture or else… ? The evidence is in front of you, you decide…
Some parts of this article were translated from olympia



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