SHOCKING REPORT – FYROM Grade School Paints Map of "Greater Macedonia" on Walls

photo from geopoliticsdailynews
It looks like our neighbors in Skopje have flown off their rockers. Every so often a new provocation appears and ignites even greater fury in Greeks. According to reports in Athens a map of “Greater Macedonia” was seen painted on one of the study halls of the “Grigor Prlitsef” elementary school in the town of Ohrid in FYROM. 
As seen in the picture above, the map clearly shows and proves as seen in the picture above the expansionist plans of FYROManians.The map clearly shows its boarders extending a bit into Bulgaria as well as consuming all of our northern province of Macedonia!
We here at hellasfrappe dare anyone to once again call us nationalists and conspiracy artists. The photo is living proof!
The story which appeared on the Geopolitics and Daily News website said that the Slavic Department of Education and Science asked about this scandalous map but they have yet to receive a response. We here at hellasfrappe are betting that they won’t! 
We just want to ask what the Greek government is doing about this, and if this provocative map was public knowledge by our government officials while we were defending our country’s honor at The Hague a few weeks ago. Also we want to know what the Greek Omogenia will do about this and how it will react because our only hope is the Omogenia… 
Enough is enough. 
It is time to take FYROM to The Hague and not vice versa, for constantly breaking the interim agreement.

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