SPECIAL REPORT – Motorola Refers To Crete As Independent Nation

It seems that the “black gold” that is suspected to be under Crete must indeed be HUGE because it has totally clouded the minds of some policy makers and big oil giants in the US. Reports in Athens claim that Crete was in the spotlight again since oil giant Motorola refers to it as an autonomous nation and we are guessing that as time goes on, and the more oil and natural gas they discover, these mistakes will only multiply!

According to a report on defencenet, Motorola apparently placed a formal announcement on its website that it was looking for workers in countries such as Spain, Italy, Bahrain
and … Crete.

short while ago, and after relentless protests by Greek readers (who briefed defencenet on the matter), Motorola apparently withdrew the announcement, or better yet corrected the “mistake”. Luckily for us, some reader snapped a photo of the announcement as seen in the photo below.

photo by defencenet

But the question remains… was it a mistake?

We want to reiterate that some are saying that the treaty that binds Crete with Greece is ending in 2012, since the island was annexed to Greece 100 years ago, this is true. But what some anti-Hellenes are also saying is that residents will be given a chance to hold a referendum and vote on whether or not they want to continue to be part of the Greek state! 
This is not true, for this is not part of the treaty. It is more the “making” of western interests who want to raise the issue of Crete, just like they did with the issue of Macedonia and just like they are doing with the issue of Thrace as we speak.
This is probably why our former prime minister George Papandreou made the same “mistake” at the end of October when attending a conference with international socialists on Crete.The conference which focused on the developments in the Middle East following the Arab Spring, inspired our genius former prime minister to refer to Crete as an independent country or as an upcoming independent state!
Participators at the conference could not believe what they were hearing, and either could we when he said “Crete wants to play an important role. It has historical ties with the Arab world and wishes them extended and reinforced.”
The article by defencenet which featured this story at that time asked the most basic question in our opinion. Since when did Crete establish ‘historic ties with Arab nations? “The only period in history when Crete had relations with Arab nations was in the late 10th century! Or around the time it was seized by the Saracens, who used the island as a pirate base!
Then Papandreou said that Crete will play an “important role” in the Arab world and will assist these countries. An important role in what? Only nations play important roles for other nations… Mr. Papandreou not provinces and/or states. Besides… does Crete have a Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we did not know about? If Papandreou or anyone like him had rather said that Greece wants to play an important role in the Arab world and Crete as one of its prized regions will have a special part to play, then this would have not been misinterpreted. (Read more about this article here)
Still not convinced that “interests” are starting to form a hostile mood? Check out the US Department of Commerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), where the Americans include the list of countries that accept temporary statements on clearance of products. Among the 90 countries listed is a reference to Crete and it is listed as an individual country!
Hellenes, enough is enough!

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