SPECIAL REPORT – The Conspiracy Against Greece’s Macedonia Exposed!

I think by now most of you know what Kissinger once said about Greece and its people. In that particular speech he made it a point to note that the New World Order has many interests in the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. We have already witnessed the coming of the Arab Spring, the crisis in the Mediterranean is brewing but what about the Balkans? Isn’t that crisis over? Apparently its not. How many of you have asked yourselves what interests would the global elite have in this part of the world?  Well in our quest to uncover these reasons we
accidentally stumbled on a story that can only be described as
shocking. After googling the story to see if we could back it up with some more information, we also stumbled upon a documentary that supports this mind blowing theory. Brace yourselves my fellow Hellene brothers and sisters… this story will leave you dumfounded!
“The Greek people are a difficult if not impossible people to tame, and for this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots.  Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the  Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.”
As we all know that rather “incidental” speech was made by Henry Kissinger and appeared in the magazine Economicos Tachidromos of August 14, 1997. Doesn’t it make you kind of wonder what is it that they are actually pursuing here and what is it that they actually fear?
For years I have been following the war the New World Order has waged against our country. I have read the PASOK “progressive” newspapers: have watched the “progressive” documentaries on tv channels that support the PASOK party and have noticed that they all have the same disdainful formality in their writing. Their content is full of ironies, sarcasms, jeering and mockery about anything that has to do with our families, our traditions, and anything that involves the continuance of our Greek language, our faith and especially our vast history. 

That is why it does not surprise me that there is silence when it comes to matters of national importance and security. On such a note an interesting article appeared on the blog “ethnika-themata“. The article claims that there are US Defense Ministry classified maps that show the areas of northern Greece, western Bulgaria, even Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and our Holy Mount Athos as the “Occupied Macedonian Territories”. Yes you heard correctly, the maps have been redrawn and one third of Greece is now defined as an “occupied” territory!

Is this why the area of northern Greece is so important to the neighboring country? Is this the overall plan? Is this why the New World Order supports FYROM and is so determined for its immediate accession into the EU and NATO? Well judging by what the article claims, it surely looks this way. But you need to judge the evidence for yourselves first.

The report notes that the plan has deep roots, and part of a wider plan called the “Eastern Question”. It claims that occasionally some information surfaces in an attempt to baffle Greeks into thinking that Slavs want to extend their boarders up to the Thermaiko Gulf in Thessaloniki. Now, adds the same article, this plan is taking on a new character. According to the author of the article, retired Major K. C. Constantinides, the FYROManian center with the pseudepigraph name of “Republic of Macedonia” seeks to:

  • create a state-policeman and provocateur in the heart of the Balkans so that it can monitor the area of Southeastern Europe, the EU and the oil and energy pipelines. (Later came to be known as the Trans-Balkan pipeline. Check video below for reference at 53.40 minutes)
  • turn the state into an extensive military and intelligence base of NATO and US (CIA, NSA, etc.)
  • extend the cultural activities of the state beyond its borders, in every place Alexander the Great stepped as it coincides with the current US strategy in the East (or more exactly the Middle East-Iran-Pakistan-Afghanistan).
  • create a state-bridge Israel-based in Thessaloniki, which is a continuation of the development axis Israel-Cyprus-Rhodes-Skopje Europe
  • distract shortly Greek Macedonia and Thessaloniki by the Greek state to usurp the Greek cultural heritage. 
The plan was apparently drafted in the late 60’s by Jewish professor Sonnenfeld, who was an assistant to none other than former head of the US State Department Henry Kissinger, and thereafter took the name.

So… Where is the conspiracy?

This plan was drafted during the Cold War and at the time it was almost ludicrous to even imagine and/or believe that boarders could, or would be shifted in the Balkan region. The plan aims at the detachment of Greek Macedonia to Skopje and the shifting of borders in the Balkans, which as we have all witnessed over the last twenty years has began to occur.

The plan was apparently uncovered by publisher John Passas, from a high-ranking Jewish friend in Switzerland and was then announced to Greek junta dictator Papadopoulos. Following an investigation by the Greek secret services (KYP) the existence of the plan was confirmed.

When democracy was restored in Greece in the mid seventies it came up for discussion in the Greek Parliament at the end of the 1970’s but oddly enough it was withdrawn right away and no discussion took place thereafter.

Obviously we understand why, because it is a subject that only opens a Pandora’s Box and would surely upset the NWO  as well as all of the progressive politicians in parliament who began implementing Kissinger’s plans from the mid seventies.

The result: The recognition of the State of Skopje with pseudepigraph name “Republic of Macedonia” by the US. This move by the world’s superpower is equivalent to an unprovoked attack on Greece, much in the way Mussolini’s attack was on Greece in the 1940s.

If there is no action by the Greek Omogenia on this then:

  • this will only compare to a national tragedy much like that as in Asia Minor, it since it will shrink the borders of Greece into Thessaly,
  • this will also sterilize Greeks from the culture of Alexandre the Great. And all this, in combination with the aggressive expansionist designs of Ankara into Thrace and the Aegean sea, as well as Cyprus. In the West Albania will begin its own expansionist designs against Greece (Tsiamides) creating an extremely hostile environment for the Greek state.

My friends… if this story is on the up and up, then we must act now. There is no more time to waste, no more excuses to be indifferent. Hellas is dying… help her.

Some Parts of This Article Were Taken From The Original Text Seen On inews.gr

Editor’s Note: When viewing the video, keep in mind that the information contained in this article is mentioned after 50 minutes into the movie.


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