Karamanlis – Off The Record In Tomorrow’s Edition of Epikaira Magazine

photo by Epikaira.gr

Following two full years of complete silence, former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis is making a grand and much awaited comeback. Unknown bits and pieces of his life during the time he governed Greece will finally be brought to light in a book entitled “Karamanlis – Off the record” from a highly acclaimed publisher.The book is expected to be released in the next few days, but several chapters will be featured in tomorrow’s edition of the controversial Epikaira Magazine.

According to an announcement from Epikaira, the chapters focus on the scandalous Vatopedi issue, the December riots, why he resulted in choosing Karolos Papoulias for the presidency, the his poor relations with the US especially after he vetoed FYROM’s accession to NATO in 2008, the reasons why he decided to side with Russia in the energy sector and Vladimir Putin S-300s. Other chapters also include his strong friendship with French President Nikola Sarkozy, his “little tantrums” with Germany’s Angela Merkel (wonder why lol), Putin’s predictions about the things to come in the wider Mediterranean region and the strengthening of Greek relations with China.


Other parts of the book, are said to focus on Karamanlis’ relations with the political and social elite in Greece as well as abroad, and it even talks about his relations with former US President George Bush, current President Barak Obama, and Turkey’s Tagir Erdogan.
Secret diplomacy and the chit chat that is held behind closed doors will also be featured as well as Turkey’s relations with Europe. Other subjects set to be covered are the issues of FYROM and Cyprus as well as his rise and unexpected fall in politics.

What is most anticipated, following the release of many documents that claimed that there was a plot to assassinate him, are the details, or rather the backdrop of this dark and sinister period which eventually forced him to lose his popularity with the people.

Hellasfrappe will feature the story tomorrow as soon as it is released.


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