WIKILEAKS – Merkel Worked Against Greece On Issue With FYROM

When Greece vetoed FYROM’s accession to NATO there were many forces that were trying to influence its decision not to do so. Infact it was easy for former leader of the main opposition ND party Costas Karamanlis to influence the members of NATO to agree with the veto at the Bucharest Summit in 2008, but not in the case of Germany.
A classified US document from Berlin dated April 23, 2008, featured by the economic news site xrimanews  said today that German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently pressured Karamanlis to show more “flexibility” on the issue of the name.

The document, says xrimanews, notes that only Germany shared US disappointment over the Greek veto of “Macedonia’s” invitation to NATO.

The document also notes that “in the days prior to the summit, and at the summit itself, Angela Merkel and FM Steinmer had been very active in trying to convince Karamanlis and FM Dora Bakoyannis  to show more flexibility. “

Indirect, but nonetheless clear threats.
Quoting another passage on the classified document, xrimanews points to another section which claims that Karamanlis was told that “one government has already been toppled because of the name, and the Greek government should be more careful.”
The document was to be declassified in 2018 but had leaked to Wikielaks, says the article on xrimanews. Without a doubt it demonstrates how Angela Merkel had zero tolerance and/or compassion for a fellow EU member state and how she and her government worked against the interests of the whole of the Union on this issue.

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