SPECIAL REPORT – Vatopedi The Whole Story Part II

The Vatopedi monastery was implicated in a real estate scandal by PASOK in 2008 against the former conservative government of Costas Karamanlis. The monastery traded low-value land for high-value state property, in what PASOK had claimed (and without any right still does) cost the state at least millions of euros. The topic is so controversial that it inspired SKAI channel to produce a documentary on this very issue. The recent episode of this special series focuses on the allegations by PASOK cadres who said that the Karamanlis government received kickbacks for the land trade deals which as you will discover were all finalized a year before Karamanlis’ government gained power. In the recent episode you will discover how PASOK used this “fabricated scandal” to damage the ND government. PASOK had claimed that the conservatives approved the transfer of valuable state property to the monastery in exchange for real estate of a much lower value. In October 2010, Costas Karamanlis wrote to the prosecutor probing the affair to defend his government. He argued the land swap process was initiated by the previous PASOK government and that ND did not do anything illegal. Indeed. But as we all know today, this so called “scandal” was used to tarnish the name of Karamanlis, as well as make him lose the support of the people. Here is part two of the series and we promise to continue posting every show (and the relevant links) as soon as they become available. Video Source SKAI –Click here if you have trouble viewing video. If you have not viewed part one then click here.


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