SPECIAL REPORT – We Are Proud Over Karamanlis’ Decision To Veto FYROM’s Entry To NATO

Today the International Court
of Justice (ICJ) handed down its verdict regarding an application by
the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to establish that
Greece breached the Interim Accord of 13 September 1995, in response to
which Greece cross-claimed that FYROM had previously breached the
Interim Accord, and by now all of you know that this ruling was not in favor of Greece. What some of you might not know is that it was simply a “superficial” ruling, because in all reality we did not lose our right to dispute the name, nor did we lose our right to veto the entry of FYROM to any international organization once again. (Check further down).

Of course Skjopje put up a good defense. They have a strong Diaspora, that is well organized and most importantly they have the US backing them on this dispute. But… they also have the help of many Greeks here in our country who have also worked in their favor. In fact when George Papandreou gained office and took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs two years ago after toppling the conservative government of Costas Karamanlis, and following the tsunami of reports about him promising the Americans that he will resolve the issue of the name, we knew very well that the Court in The Hague would not rule in favor of Greece today.

The mood started being set over the last few days when a wave of reports against former Karamanlis’ decision in 2008 to veto
FYROM’s accession to NATO with the name “Macedonia” began being published. And I ask… does this system which imposed a former member of Goldman Sachs on us as a new prime minister actually think we would agree with the sudden burst of criticism against Karamanlis for doing so?

Do they actually think we are so stupid? 

Do they actually think that we as a people will fall prey to their propaganda?

If Karamanlis did
not veto FYROM’s entry then, today we would be neighbours with a nation
named after our northern prefecture. Jesus!

many Hellenes world wide do not know, is that the “system” here in
Greece (and that which has also infected the Diaspora) and which owns
most of the television networks, radios, magazines and newspapers had over the last few days set
out on criticizing Karamanlis’ decision in 2008 because even though he has stepped out of power, they still fear his popularity with the people.

They prefer blaming Karamanlis rather than blasting FYROM for
taking us to the International Court. I repeat, these are not foreigners, but Greeks. Or as I have noted many times on many of my blog posts “anti-Hellenes”.

It is this very system that has
for the past twenty years invested heavily in the Balkan region, with million
dollar companies. It is this very system that profited on the backs of the Greek people all these years and it is this very system that agrees with views that call for the shifting of
boarders in the Greater Balkan region. 

criticism today should not be directed towards Costas Karamanlis who
only did, what you and I and every other Greek patriot would do, protect
Greek interests. Let us not forget that it is this very country which
Australian Macedonian
Advisory Council (AMAC) says has breached the
Interim Accord on a number of issues which “quite suspiciously” the ICJ failed to identify in its final decision.
These include:

  • 1) The renaming of Skopje Airport to “Alexander the Great Airport”
  • 2) Various other uses of the Vergina Sun in an official capacity
  • 3) The featuring of maps of “Greater Macedonia” encompassing Greek territory in state school books and official state ceremonies
  • 4) The featuring of the White Tower of Thessaloniki on official banknotes (although discontinued)
  • 5) The renaming of the main sporting arena in Skopje to “Phillip II Stadium”
  • 6) The renaming of the main highway in FYROM to “Phillip of Macedon Highway”
  • 7) The erection of statues of Alexander the Great and Phillip II in different cities in FYROM

Let us look at today’s decision in greater detail.

Sources claim that the Court did not rule against Greece on the issue of the
name. Let us make this clear, because we are afraid a lot of
misinformation will be printed over the next few days about this
subject, especially in the neighboring country. The Court only ruled
against Greece for issuing a veto but this does in no way take away our
right to do this again (to veto again that is) on any international

line of defense on the use of emblems by the
Court might of been ignored, but FYROM is still not allowed to formally use the name “Macedonia” in
any international organization. This is a Plus.

Also, the Court could not in any way AFFECT and/or INFLUENCE
the negotiations over the issue of the name. This too is a Plus.

Also the Court, much to FYROM and the US’s surprise, cannot reverse the decision imposed by Karamanlis on FYROM’s accession to NATO before Greece and the government of Skopje resolve the dispute over the name first. This is the best Plus of all.

wrap things up, instead of standing by and listening to the garbage
that will be thrown in Karamanlis’ way over the next few hours and days
about his decision in April 2008, think hard for a moment and imagine
what would have happened if he did not do this. 

And I repeat, instead of slapping Karamanlis around for doing WHAT ANY NORMAL HELLENE WOULD DO, pause for a moment and weigh the pros and the cons of today’s decision and you will see that we actually maintained our position (meaning the right to veto) and FYROM cannot endorse itself under the name “Macedonia”.

The facts speak for themselves.

course “the system” which has broader interests in the Balkans will be
very nasty against the former Prime Minister, as it has since he first gained power in 2004 because since day one they could not influence him to do what they wanted.

But you and I know that only corrupt, sick and twisted minds, full of hate, greed and hollowness cannot comprehend what patriotism and the respect and honor of one’s nation is.

We have read about their secret dealings over the past few years and know exactly what they are capable of, but we are not as naive any more.

The various Wikileaks articles that were published by Epikaira Magazine as well as all those that have been released through various blogs and magazines over the past year have exposed all their dirty little secrets and how they worked against our country to broaden their interests in the Balkans. (In fact we have featured many here on hellasfrappe click here to read BAKOYIANNI & PASOK POSITION ON SKOPJE ISSUE and PANGALOS TELLS US THAT FYROM CAN USE ANY NAME IT WANTS as well as WAS THERE A CONSPIRACY TO TOPPLE KARAMANLIS? -to find the info on the third story simply scroll down to the story on FYROM where all the information and facts are mapped out-).

We also today know about George Papandreou’s secret diplomacy on this issue… in fact Epikaira Magazine had featured a story on this which was also featured by hellasfrappe entitled “DOES PAPANDREOU WORK FOR GREEK OR US INTERESTS?“. 

If the “system” dares to to take advantage of the present situation
and focus its criticism on Karamanlis for today’s decision so that it can pave the way… for other things that it wants to achieve (such as the surrendering of the name) and again steer away its criticism from FYROM like it always does then we the people will retaliate.

Why was there silence all these years on the fact that FYROM stole our emblems, the use of Alexander the Great’s name, or why they are placing statues of him in their squares and airports?

Why was there silence when they used the White Tower of Thessaloniki on their currency?

Why is there always silence when FYROM publishes a new map every so often showing their boarders reaching the Thermaiko Gulf?

Why is there silence about their education system which is teaching future generations falsehoods about their heritage?

Why is there silence when they refer to our northern prefecture  as -The Greek Macedonia-.?

Why is there silence from our Omogeneia leaders on this as well?


Because their investments in the Balkans and this region are too important!

And I ask, how much re… how much did you all receive to go against your own country? 

Posa franga? How much did you get to sell us out? How much did you put in your pockets? 

What kind of a price tag can you put on treason?

Tomaria…. Ou na xathite… (No I will not translate)

Enough of the garbage on the mainstream news.We are up to here with the propaganda they are pouring out to us. It is time to criticize FYROM, and signal out all those anti-Hellenes.

We are Greek, we are proud and we refuse to bend over backwards to anyone who wants to put their hands on our nation!

We are proud over Karamanlis’s decision in 2008. Kala ekane!

This is our opinion here at hellasfrappe and it is non-negotiable.

A… kai pou’ sai… Macedonia, is, was and will always be GREEK!

Marina Spanos


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