Turkish Planes Violate Greek Airspace Again!

There is no end to the provocations that Greece is currently experiencing from its so called “neighbor” Turkey as far as its skies are concerned. On Wednesday night six jets from the Turkish Air Force violated Greek airspace and Greek authorities quickly sent out some of our best pilots to chase down the invaders. A similar event happened earlier in the day with one of the Turkish
Navy’s 2 CN-235ASuW craft when it illegally entered Greek airspace.

A report on defencenet said that the crafts entered Greece’s National Aviation Area (ERA) with six fighters between the hours of 19:36 and
19:58 and committed three violations of IDPs and one breach of the Athens FIR.

The planes were spotted over the central Aegean.

The Turkish aircraft were intercepted by Greek Mirage 2000-5 fighters that
took off from the CP 135 in Skyros, using a RDY-2 radar.


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