Greek Gov’t On Alert For Possible Terrorist Attack

The Greek government and the police are in a state of high alert concerning a possible terrorist attack. Reports in Athens said that the data received by the anti-terror office are identified as particularly serious and as a result, more police officers are now guarding government officials and other possible targets.

Greek daily To Ethnos newspaper headlined its front cover with this news, but later in the day it came under criticism from various blogs on the internet claiming that it was government propaganda to instill fear in the people. But according to the article which published this news, experts have verified the information and ruled that these are “very serious and reliable data that should be subjected to further analysis.” They have recommended the political leadership to be informed about them.

Apart from the headquarters of parties in a state of red alert, patrols in public buildings such as the Parliament, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments, the offices of the European Union and the European Parliament near Syntagma Square and Vassilias Sofias Avenue, and the embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom have been strengthened. Major banks are also being strictly guarded 24 hours a day. The authorities’ attention is increased across the centre of Athens.


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