Undeclared Money By Politicians In Swiss Accounts To be Probed

Undeclared accounts held by Greek politicians abroad are being looked for by the Commission which controls the financies of parliament. Specifically, on 15.11.2011, the committee chairman Evangelos Argyris sent a letter to Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, requesting all available information “on bank accounts held abroad by politicians which may have arisen from Ministry of Finance audits.

The dare is expected, as stressed in a statement by House chairman, Philippos Petsalnikos, “where the statement of property declaration will be redone if it is necessary”. However, on the subject, a question was tabled by ND’s Gerasimos Giakoumatos and Kostas Tzavaras, towards Venizelos. Reports said that the two MPs invoke the testimony of a Member of Swiss Parliament, Josef Zisiadis. The latter stated that “many MPs of PASOK and the right-wing have too much money here in Switzerland and I do not think  that it is in their interest that the depositions aren’t made known”.

For this reason,  Giakoumatos and Tzavaras are seeking “all documents of correspondence between Swiss and Greek authorities since 2005 regarding the issue of concluding a tax agreement of savings of Greek citizens in Swiss banks, and any other documents relating to this matter.


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