Belt of Virgin Mary to stay in Moscow longer

The Belt of Virgin Mary will stay in Russia a little longer, reports said this weekend. This holy relic is set to leave the Russian capital one day later than was originally planned – on Monday, Nov. 28, reports. The line to the Temple of Christ the Savior, where the chest with the relic is staying, has become a lot shorter. Today, one would have to stand in the line for 45 minutes. This became possible with the help of an arch, which was installed at night of November 23. Up to 80 people a minute may worship the holy relic now.

On Thursday, the line to the holy relic has stretched for several metro stations. The Kropotkinslaya metro station, where the Temple of Christ the Savior is located, was closed for exit. The station was open only for entrance. The Moscow authorities were concerned about such a large congregation of believers. Russia’s Chief Sanitary Doctor urged people to touch the relic only imaginatively not to put their health at risk.

The relic arrived in Moscow from Greece. It is generally believed that the Belt of Virgin Mary helps women heal infertility.

Source: Pravda


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