SOS: Papandreou Strikes Again – Yes We Do Have The Funds!

S.O.S. Mercy… we need a straitjacket. We here at hellasfrappe are ready and willing to either be taken away with straitjackets, or O.D. on some sort of sedatives. After listening to Friday’s speech by former premier and leader of PASOK George Papandreou in Brussels, we can only throw our hands up in the air and hope that science takes over.

He might of won an election in 2009 after lying to the people and saying the infamous phrase “Lefta Yparxoun” (Money Exists), he decided to take this jackpot of a slogan on the road and begin saying “And Yes We Do Have The Funds” to European socialists in a time when the Euro is crashing, and when international financial markets are in a total turmoil. Quite a genius huh?

Speaking at the inaugural day of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Progressive Convention on November 25th, the Greek ex-prime minister underlined that the financial crisis is the cause and consequence of a “deep democratic deficit”. Papandreou, who is also President of the Socialist International, said in Brussels that “conservatives are all talk, no action”. “Under conservative rule, Europe has lost his role and potential. Now, we have to go beyond their politics of fear, their fissures and scapegoats; and remember that we are all European. This is our strength, not our weakness”. He added that; “only together we can overcome the crisis and contribute to a very different global society. We have the power IF we are not divided”.

Papandreou is a good speech reader indeed, aside
from a few mistakes in his pronunciation, he can read a good speech.
However half of the things he mentioned in his speech, and every speech
he has made over the last few years beyond Greek boarders is a total
farce. You know the saying… practice what you preach? Well…
Papandreou does not.

He actually had the nerve to talk about CDS, forgetting that his brother Andreas has been accused of being part of a company that promotes CDS funds.

He even said “and yes, vinceremos. We will win”. (Editor scratching head…) Win what? He was ousted out of government!

He said that his decision to call a referendum on the latest EU
bailout package for Greece, which led to the introduction of a
government of national unity led by former European Central Bank
Vice-President Lucas Papademos, was to fight vested interests within
Greece. “I called for a referendum to redistribute power, to give power to the
people, to voice their will to go beyond vested interests of
conservative establishments,” Papandreou said. “We are making deep
changes in an establishment that does not want to change, so I wanted
the people of Greece to decide,”

Excuse us Mr. Papandreou, but the establishment you speak of is run by PASOK-led unions, PASOK-led bankers, PASOK-led public workers, and so on.

each member of the European Union simply make financial cuts and
eliminate incentives for development, will sink together in a deeper
recession – and it seems that we are moving towards such a direction.”

That is why we need straitjackets. Do you see what he just said, only several days after his resignation from the
premiership? Before coming into power he said the exact opposite: “if we
increase taxes and cut wages and pensions would lead to a spiral of

Some say he is selling madness to us the people, we here at hellasfrappe actually believe them!


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