Battle To Save Yet Another Papandreou From Being Exposed

Reports about Nikos Papandreou, the brother of former prime minister George Papandreou, have headlined the Greek news over the last few days claiming that while George Papandreou was in power he received a massive file questioning his brother’s activities and that the battle is now on to save these activities from being exposed.

George Papandreou’s close associates had advised the former PM to keep the issue hush, hush, so that the mainstream media would not pick up on it, but then came “the tsunami of a politician” Panos Kammenos (main opposition parliamentarian) who launched a fierce attack on the Papandreou family in the Greek Parliament for what he said was “illegal profiteering.” After this, anyone who even dared to write or make a report on the issue was threatened to be sued by Nick Papandreou. The issue of course calmed down, because the mass media (which is totally corrupt) ignored it.

However, the issue is starting to surface again. And this time by members of the socialist PASOK party itself, says one report on newspost. Following the fall of George Papandreou some PASOK officials have begun channeling bits and pieces of information to the Greek press that has yet to be confirmed but nonetheless cannot be ignored.

In any which case, the Papandreou family is now in a frenzy. Well informed sources at newspost claim that many “hush-hush” meetings have been held in Kastri (the area where George Papandreou lives) so that the subject does not return to the spotlight.

In fact, close associates to the Papandreous talk about unsubstantiated myths, while others insist that the money involved (in this reported scam) is too great.


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