Police Arrest DEH Union Heads For Going Against Controverial Property Tax (VIDEO)

The intervention of the Greek riot police on Thursday morning ended the occupation of the central building that has been issuing the bills from the power company containing the controversial property tax. The building was under occupation from unionists who oppose this controversial tax and the result was the arrest of the president of the Greek Power Corporation Federation (PPC – DEH), Mr Fotopoulos, along with some other workers tried to push the riot police away. The arrest of Fotopoulos angered the unionists who are now shutting down many power units across Greece and threatening to close many more.

Many political figures visited the site to show their support to DEH employees, such as Panayiotis Lafazanis of SYRIZA (Coalition of the Left) and Spyros Halvatzis and Dionissis Tsaknis from KKE (Greek Communist Party).

The president of the building that was occupied by the organized labour union GENOP DEH said earlier on Thursday that although the door to their working positions is open now, nobody is willing to return to work due to the arrest of their colleagues.

Following the arrests, workers decided to move onto a 48 hour strike fully covered by their union GENOP.

The occupation had entered its fifth day, Thursday. The main problem of these work stoppages is creating serious issues between the company and the consumers, many of whom experience power cuts.


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