Hellasfrappe Awards Sahinidis With Mamakia Award Of the Year!

We here at hellasfrappe have heard many stupidities being said over the past year by many people in power and we have always put in our two cents about it, but today’s statement by one particular minister in the government has to be awarded with the mamakia award of the year. (To our English speaking friends, do not ask us to translate mamakia).

Speaking before the parliamentary finance committee during the debate of the budget for 2012, PASOK deputy finance minister Philippos Sahinidis argued that pension funds, unemployment and interest payments are the main reason for exploding expenses. “Spending increased due to subsidies to insurance funds, additional sponsorship in OAED (Unemployment) due to an increase in the number of unemployed and an extra fund related to interest payments.”

In other words, this bozo of a politician whose political party exploded the rate of unemployment, who has adopted the worse austerity measures Greece has ever known, who clearly works for the banks and not the people, is now blaming the people who are unemployed for collecting a mere 200 euros a month in unemployment benefits.

We do not know whether we should slap him silly, or cry with disbelief.

Ou na xatheite. – No translation for this either.


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