Stratfor Says Greece Must Divide Aegean With Turkey

new report on the Epikaira website featuring this week’s issue
(scheduled to be released on Thursday) claims that the US think-tank
Stratfor wants Greece to give half of the Aegean to Turkey, in other
words for natural gas and oil. The report largely reflects the plans and
intentions of Washington at geostrategic level, the article on Epikaira

In a re-analysis, which was published earlier
this week, the US think tank apparently said that it will be impossible
for Greece to survive without “external patrons,” while at the same time
questioned whether our country is “ready to accept a reduction in its
geopolitical role in the region.”

The message, says
Epikaira, which was sent to Greek officials from Stratfor is pretty
straightforward: Either you fully align with the views of the “hawks” of
US bureaucracy or… no one will be able to guarantee the future of the

Military officials at the Greek Pentagon, adds
the article on Epikaira, are now worried that a heated incident could
explode in the Aegean if Ankara decides to exploit Greece’s present
vulnerability due to the economic crisis.

The full article by Epikaira will be featured on hellasfrappe on Thursday.


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