SPECIAL REPORT – How Is PASOK, Egnatia, Halliburton, Cheney & Bush Connected?

How are PASOK, Egnatia Odos, Halliburton, Cheney, Bush connected? Well… The triklopodia blog featured a story today that can
only be described as SHOCKING. As it set out to make an investigative
journey as to where former PASOK Minister Costas Laliotis escaped to, it began to uncover information
that only proves how the socialists, the elite, both in Greece and abroad, and some of the world’s largest and most controversial companies are all
interwoven together like a tight spider’s web. 

The story reads: PASOK’s own Costa Laliotis (who was the Minister of Public
Works under the Simitis government in the 90s) has disappeared from the
face of the earth. This man who apparently handled with “absolute”
transparency (hahahaha) some 4.3 trillion drachmas is never mentioned,
it is almost like the socialists have waived a magic wand and made him
disappear. Not even the mainstream media dares to utter his name, and it
is almost as if they purposely want us to forget him and we suspect
that this is because he completed his mission and contribution to the
homeland. But what was this “mission” exactly….

triklopodia blog says that after reading an article on another Greek blog which featured a news story about Greek public
works and how these projects will now all fall under the “Egnatia Odos”
SA company… it set out to investigate this story further and much to its surprise it came out with some startling information.

first step was to google the company which was endorsed by Laliotis a
decade ago for beginning construction on one of the most contemporary motorways in
all of Europe, a project which was never finished by Laliotis, but by the next government. During this time, many other works were being materialized
throughout the country in the run-up to the 2004 Olympic Games such as
the new airport at Spata, the Rio-Antirio Bridge, etc.

All these projects were
used by PASOK’s star deputy Costas Laliotis and the Simitis government
to project an image of Greece (and a socialist government) that was strong, that developed
the nation and that actually listened and catered to the needs of the people. This was false. Greece, as we all know today, was in deep financial trouble back then especially after the stock market scandal in 2000 when trillions of drachmas were literally stolen from the Greek people.

What we as a people did not know back then as well, but were later told by EU official reports, and the opposition parties, was that all these works that fell under the supervision of Laliotis and the Simitis government, cost us the people three times more than they would on any other given project. In other words if a piece of highway normally cost 1000 a square meter to construct, for us it was priced at 3000.So these construction companies were making three times more than they usually would on a similar project.

In the same period the
management of all related projects under the state owned Egnatia Odos SA were suddenly transferred to the US HALLIBURTON Company
(Sound familiar… well look for the names Dick Cheney, George Bush, war in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Skopje, oil,
etc… they all have this company linked to it).

We note that HALLIBURTON, which changed its name to
KBR (with revenues of over $18 billion) never once made its presence in
Greece known, in fact until this story appeared it was probably known to very few. The blog said it discovered the involvement of the company through the fine print
and more exactly in a sentence mentioning HALLIBURTON on the Egnatia Odos SA profile.

Anyone and everyone knows that this is a
company that has made billions of dollars on the genocide that was unleashed in the Balkans
and in countries in the Gulf since it has for decades undertaken projects that are a
result of war.

The story gets better. Cheney, who was part of
former US President George Bushs’ military heads was coincidentally also
President of HALLIBURTON. It is this very company that also undertook the
reconstruction of projects in countries that were bombed by the CARLYLE GROUP which
was headed by Bush and shareholder George Soros. (So Bush’s company bombed, and Cheney’s company reconstructed. Bush+Cheney=former government in the US. What a joke this all is.)

These companies piled
many countries with huge amounts of debt that had the misfortune to be
selected for these types of bloodthirsty wars ($$$ business) – all in the framework of course (yeah right) of peace and democracy.

So now we know how this group penetrated the Greek market but some will say so what? Well dear friends… the story does not stop there. The CARLYLE GROUP is also associated with Mr.Lavrentiadis. Who is Lavrentiadis?

Some may recall his name from a
recent hellasfrappe story about Proton Bank. Following the government’s
decision to privatise Proton Bank earlier this year by activating a
bank rescue fund, the Greek and foreign press began screaming out the
word SCANDAL, comparing this to the Bank of Crete Scandal in 1989.
Proton Bank was the first bank to be nationalized under the Financial
Stability Fund, a safety net set up by Greece and its international
lenders for banks that need to recapitalize but do not have the means to
raise funds in the market. The central bank of Greece’s move to
nationalize Proton Bank (which is currently under investigation for
possible violation of Greece’s money-laundering law) has sparked
controversy because analysts claim that Proton’s problems are its own. (Read more here)

The Triklopodia blog said that the CARLYLE GROUP decided to make
this Mister Lavrentiadis (Mister controversial Proton Bank himself) very rich
one day and he thus began to buy out media companies under great secrecy
(for reasons which are obvious). This move, or the involvement of the
company through Lavrentiadis (whom we repeat is tied to PASOK since our present government did everything in its power to bail it out several months ago) never
made it to the mainstream media… and it was not know until today and
to be quite frank we here at hellasfrappe now understand why. In fact news of this sort never makes it to the mainstream media.

In fact over the years we here in Greece have been slamming reporters, and we know there are a few crooked ones out there, but if the CARLYLE GROUP-Lavrentiadis connection is true, and if he indeed began chanelling money to media companies here in Greece, then that basically means that foreigners were influencing these media agents to only endorse what they wanted us the people to know. We here at hellsafrappe now understand why we instead were being fed news reports about who Berlusconi went to bed with or what the field
of investment Russia was involved in, and let us not forget all the garbage that was poured out about the former leader of the main opposition New Democracy party Costas Karamanlis as well during the same period, instead of being told the truth on a number of issues that affect our day to day lives. To us, this only means one thing the CARLYLE Group has great interests in Greece. Why else would they use someone to make such investments otherwise? We here at hellasfrappe also believe that it has something to do with oil and natural gas, because let us not forget that this large Texas Group is involved in oil and natural gas… are you getting the picture now?

But Lavrentiadis investments on the Greek market did not stop there. He also held shares in the pharmaceutical company Alapis,
one of the two companies that imported the controversial vaccine for
swine flu  (H1N1).

So what types of conclusions can one draw from all of this information?

In our opinion and after reading this story on the Triklopodia blog, we here at hellasfrappe assume that these giant companies secretly began penetrating the Greek market in the 90s through the ruling PASOK party and the former  Minister for Public Works Costas Laliotis, for reasons which are all too obvious:

In 1996 it was rumored that the incidence at Imia occurred because space satellites discovered one of the largest natural gas reservoirs ever discovered which begins at Imia and ends near Crete. These reports have flooded the Greek blogs, and we will be publishing a follow-up story with this exact information for all of you so you can get a better picture of what is actually going on… We believe that these companies were led in on the “secret” and began penetrating the Greek market for this very purpose.

At the time, let us not forget, Yugoslavia began being torn apart, and their were many conflicts in the Balkans. And we all know that these companies were present at the war in Serbia, Bosnia, etc….

Through Lavrentiadis, we can assume that these companies now also control the Greek media, many crooked reporters and God knows what else.

They even terrorized us the people, via their crooked reporters two years ago, that if we did not take the H1N1 vaccine (from the pharmaceutical company of which we mentioned further up Lavrentiadis was coincidentally a shareholder of) that we would be playing Russian roulette with our lives.

Can it get any worse? What a spiders web. Do we as citizens actually think we are living in civilized democracies after all of this? After reading this story it now all sounds like a joke.

If you really get right down to it, it is almost like everywhere we here at hellasfrappe have looked, every rock we pick up, everything we read includes one or two members of the socialist PASOK party. It is almost like they are involved in everything that has “controversy” tagged to it!

It makes us believe that this party was founded in order to sell out our country!

We cannot believe the stuff we are uncovering, nor can we stomach it!

And if you for one minute think that this is happening in Greece then think again. These are just two groups from a series of many who only have one incentive and one incentive only and that is to destroy democracies and let corpotocracy rule.

Do you all still think this is a conspiracy…?


If a small blog like Triklopodia did a little bit of googling and uncovered this information, imagine what a full scale investigation would uncover?

The only thing we here at hellasfrappe can say after all of this is that if we as a people really want change on our planet, and put an end to bloodshed, wars, and corporate greed by companies such as these then WE THE PEOPLE have TO WAKE UP and take the bull by the horns.


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