Church Becomes New Schoolhouse Because Of Bureaucracy (VIDEO)

In a small village just outside of Rethymno on the island of Crete children are forced to go to school in a church! The schoolhouse in the small village of Gerani fell victim to Greek bureaucracy and did not receive the funds needed so that local officials can do the necessary repair work it desperately needed ahead of the school year.

When the school year began, aside from the Ministry of Education’s fiasco of not issuing books to the children (which it has yet to do), the children had to also face the danger of having the roof cave in on their heads from a decaying structure.

This of course did not sit well with the parents and local authorities, so they moved the children to the village’s church where they are now being schooled. In 2011 children are being schooled in a church because the state is ignorant to the needs of the community. It seems that their only concern is maintaining an incompetent public sector (that never tends to the needs of the people and the community), as well as providing aid packages for banks.

This is also just one more example of why Greece is in the mess it is, because if PASOK (which controls all of the public sector and its unions) had done its job correctly over the past 30 years in rule, then we would have never arrived at this level. Instead of looking out for the private sector, PASOK always looked out for its own, or the public sector because this was its base of votes.

Aside from giving them immunity and a job until they retire (without ever fearing that they would be fired) the PASOK party created this bureaucratic system which Greece is plagued with today. In a few short words, the PASOK party took Greece from a modern European nation to something that is a reminiscent of the 1800s.

Some may recall the stories of the “Krifo Scholeio” (or secret schools) of 1821 when schools were often created from underground caves or hide-away rooms in the walls of orthodox institutions and other such buildings. Well this video is a perfect example of that. Shame on our public sector!


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