Papademos Off To Brussels – Samaras Refuses To Sign Written Guarantee (VIDEO)

Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos left for Brussels on Monday and is to visit Luxembourg on Tuesday for talks with European Union officials. Papademos would hold meetings with President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. On Tuesday, the temporary Greek prime minister will be in Luxembourg, where he will meet with eurozone president and Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

In Athens, representatives from “troika” (the EU, IMF and European Central Bank) wrapped up initial talks with the conservative party and its partners, Pasok and the rightist Laos party.

But during the visit, New Democracy head Antonis Samaras refused to give a written guarantee that he would continue to do whatever it took to meet the terms of the bailout no matter who wins an election tentatively set for February 19.

Samaras told the troika officials on Sunday that a verbal vow not to oppose existing reforms should suffice. But this has not satisfied Europe since analysts say he is doing this to win a full majority in the next national elections so he can reverse the reforms he disagrees with.

Samaras, a Harvard-educated economist, has long opposed the tax hikes and spending cuts backed by PASOK and has said that pro-growth measures would be more effective.

And he is absolutely right.In order for Greece to show any signs of growth the emphasis has to be on development. We here at hellasfrappe are curious as to why Samaras has to give a written guarantee. If our allies are so trusting of Papademos, and he is such a capable leader, then why do they want Samaras to sign? If Samaras is so firm about this there must be a reason. We here at hellasfrappe can therefore conclude that this does not involve some sort of written guarantee like the press is telling us, but rather something else.


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