X-Files: The Secrets Of The Skull And Bones (VIDEOS)

How does power really work in America and what do the CIA, the Foreign Office and the White House all have in common with this power? There is only one answer: Skull and Bones, the undergraduate senior or secret society at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. Join the X-Files today as it presents this controversial group.

What is this group’s fascination with the numbers 322 and why does this link back to ancient Greece? Just who its members and why have they gone on to become politicians, Supreme Court judges and prominent businessmen? Is this a branch of the Illuminati, or does Skull & Bones control the Central Intelligence Agency?

The Order of Skull and Bones, once known as The Brotherhood of Death, is a senior or secret society based at Yale University. Its members meet in the “tomb” on Thursday and Sunday evenings of each week over the course of their senior year.

As with other Yale societies, the sharing of a personal history is the keystone of the senior year together in the tomb. Reputedly, members are assigned a nickname. More importantly, it is said each new member continues a “line” named after a figure in mythology. (At Scroll and Key the names are associated with Greek mythology, and with Egyptian mythology at Wolf’s Head.)

Skull and Bones begins in December of 1832. Upset (according to one account) by changes in the Phi Beta Kappa election process, a Yale senior named William Huntington Russell (August 12,1809 – May 19, 1885) – whose family were America’s biggest opium smugglers.

According to the various information hellasfrappe found on the internet this club paid obeisance to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence, who took her place in the pantheon upon the death of the orator Demosthenes, in 322 B.C., and who is said to have returned in a kind of Second Coming on the occasion of the society’s inception.

Following this this Yale society fastened a picture of its symbol — a skull and crossbones — to the door of the chapel where it met.

Today the number 322, recalling the date of Demosthenes’ death, appears on society stationery.

What is more, the number has such mystical overtones that reports claim that in 1967 a graduate student with no ties to Skull and Bones donated $322,000 to the society.

In fact the number 322 has been a particular favorite of conspiracy-minded hunters for evidence of Skull and Bones’s global connections. Some reports say that it was the combination to Averell Harriman’s briefcase when he carried classified dispatches between London and Moscow during World War II.

On the other, some also claim that the numbers 322 double as a reminder of the society’s mother organization in Germany. The American group, founded in 1832, being the second chapter — acquired the numbers 32-2. There is some truth to that since it was modeled after German types of masonic groups.

In addition to former US president George Bush and his son as well as grandfather Prescot Bush, other members have included none other than Senator John Kerry, William F. Buckley Jr., as well as many more.

This traditional peer society is a regular feature in many conspiracy theories, which claim that the society plays a role in a global conspiracy for world domination or the New World Order. It is true that some prominent families had one or more members as Bonesmen.
Theorists such as Alexandra Robbins suggest that Skull & Bones is a branch of the Illuminati, or that Skull & Bones itself controls the Central Intelligence Agency; the conspiracy theorists relying on supposed personal connections and coincidences. Others who have written about Skull & Bones were economist Antony C. Sutton, who wrote a book on the group titled America’s Secret Establishment:

Today this once popular gentleman’s club has endorsed admitting women. It also has Jews, colored people and even gays.

Is this society just the “stepping stone” for other darker societies such as the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group? No one knows, but these “fraternity brothers” have supported (and invested heavily) in each others companies since their graduation. We think that the reason for the secrecy of this group
is to create a mystique and also encourage its members to actually
believe that they are “the chosen ones” to become the leaders of

Watch the 60-minutes show on this secret society, or read the e-book we have posted with graphs and pictures.


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