Pressure On Papandreou To Step Down From PASOK Leadership

Continued pressure on George Papandreou to step down as party leader has been made by many members of PASOK over the last few days. Papandreou was asked to initiate procedures for the emergence of another party president, but as we all know, the former prime minister (who has yet to officially say -I quit-) refuses to step down from power.

Papandreou held successive meetings with Dimitris Reppas, Anna Diamantopoulou, Andreas Loverdos, Kostas Scandalides, Michalis Chrisohoidis, Christos Papoutsis and Evangelos Venizelos, while it is also possible that he will continue the contacts in the next few days.

Reports said that Papandreou listens more than speaks at these meetings (this does not surprise us one bit). The same reports also noted that common may have been found between the former PM and his PASOK deputies before the sixth tranche (from the EU bailout deal) from the Troika is released, but then again the reports that are spreading this information are the larger media giants who we all know 100 percent support the PASOK party.

Nonetheless sources say that Papandreou might support the name of Dimitris Reppas for the leadership of the party, but it will be kind of difficult because he will probably go against expected candidate Evangelos Venizelos who has been vying for the almighty seat for several years now. Also, Anna Diamantopoulou and even Loverdos is expected to place their candidacy.


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