SPECIAL REPORT – Serious Accusations on Reshuffle of Military Chiefs on Trangas Show (VIDEO)

Very serious allegations which claim that former Defense Minister Panos Beglitis wanted to use military intervention forces in riots and protests, were made last night by George Tragas on EXTRA Channel’s “Choris Anesthitiko” show. According to Trangas, as well as Spyros Tripsas, Editor of the “Epikaira” Magazine (which we have featured many times here on hellasfrappe), army units, or paratroopers, were ordered to dress in civilian clothing and then get involved in suppressing riots against civilians.

The allegations are very serious and we think that they should immediately be investigated by the Prosecution as well as the Greek Military. Ultimately we think that Mr. Beglitis would also want this investigated as well, since allegations of this sort would not only tarnish his political (and then some) reputation but they are unlawful as well.

The show noted that all the senior military officials that objected to this command were sacked, or re-shuffled.

It must be reiterated that on November 2, 2011, just before Papandreou was ousted out of power, his defense minister (Panos Beglitis) decided to reshuffle its military chiefs amid a political crisis that later saw a government downfall following a controversial decision to put an EU debt rescue deal to a referendum.

A state security council under former Prime Minister George Papandreou replaced the heads of the general staff, the army, navy and airforce, with PASOK military personnel and discharged a dozen army and navy officers.

Of special interest in the video below is what is said after 34 minutes.


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