SPECIAL REPORT – We The People Support Panos Kammenos (VIDEOS)

In his address before parliament yesterday main opposition New Democracy MP Panos Kammenos said he will not give a confidence vote to the government of Lucas Papademos and from what it looks like this decision might force New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras to oust him from the party today. If this happens, this will of course not sit well with us here at hellasfrappe, and especially myself, since Panos Kammenos is the only MP in Parliament along with Greek Communist Party (KKE) MP Liana Kanneli which I BELIEVE without a reasonable doubt, 100 percent rally and SUPPORT GREECE’S INTERESTS.

In fact I will be very upset if party leader Antonis Samaras goes through with this, as rumored in the mainstream media, because Kammenos in my opinion is only doing what he was elected from the people to do… and that is simply serve the nation’s interests.

Before I begin analyzing the consequences of this unfortunate development (if it happens), I just want to remind all the political parties in Greece to remember that democracies were not built to become “regimes”, but rather on TRUST between us the citizens and you our political leaders. And in this regard, trust is the most important ingredient upon which the legitimacy and sustainability a political system is built. How can we as a people thereafter trust you the politicians when you give your confidence to a government that was forcefully imposed on us the people and whom we did not choose? Is this the foundation for a well-functioning democracy? I don’t think so.

When political leaders trust a government, as you will today by asking your deputies to issue their confidence vote to the newly formed government of Lucas Papademos, it simply means that you accept its policies.

You can add as much fluff as you want to it after today, you can empower all your image makers and speech writers to calm the masses, but it will never sit well with us.

Mr Samaras I respect you are an honorable man, and will make the right decision. People are better educated today than they were 20 years ago. They surf the web, they read alternative news, they know who is speaking on behalf of their interests, and who is not.

Do not place yourself in the eye of the hurricane, Kammenos is too well-liked by the voters of the New Democracy party because he expresses everything we want to say.

If the main opposition party is the alternative solution for Greece’s present economic state, then you will agree with your voters and continue to go against the memorandum and the loan agreements and not allow the ND party to get caught in a spider’s web set up by foreign interests when we all know it is not in the benefit of us the people and especially our nation.

Mr. Samaras, I have given you the benefit of the doubt for almost two years now.

I even voted for you in the party elections for two reasons.

Firstly because I did not want Dora Bakoyiannis to gain party leadership because everyone I know, and had spoken with at the time, knew how she worked underground against former leader Costas Karamanlis. This of course was later proven via Wikileaks documents when we discovered that she was working against Karamanlis’ policies on a number of issues.

And secondly, and most important, I voted for you because I believed that you were an extension of Mr. Karamanlis.

What this basically means is that if Mr. Karamanlis was still heading the ND party, he would have the political dignity and stamina to say NO… no matter the cost.

He proved this in Bucharest when he said no to Skopje’s accession to NATO in the face of Mr. NWO Globalization himself, former US President George Bush.

He said NO to the Anan Treaty, which we all know would have been destructive for the divided island.

He never worried about his leadership chair… but rather worked for us the people.

Besides… some of the greatest leaders in our history were those who said NO. Simply because they listened to the people…. and not to their party benefactors. They ignited hope and inspired generations because they had the courage to say NO.


“Workers in Argentina overthrew the government of President Fernando de la Rua in a mass revolt December 19-20. The protests, as well as sharp conflicts within the Argentine ruling class, initially hampered the opposition’s effort to create a new government. Despite the confusion, one certainty jumped to the fore: A week of popular upheavals, marked by the government’s violent but unsuccessful attempts at repression, had ended the austerity regime of economy minister Domingo Cavallo and challenged the International Monetary Fund’s stranglehold over Argentine society.

With Argentina’s revolt, the fight in Latin America against neoliberalism and corporate globalization surged forward dramatically. The events in Argentina represent the most recent in a series of historic clashes between Latin America’s workers and their governments. In January 2000, rural and urban workers in Ecuador toppled the neoliberal administration of President Jamil Mahuad. Three months later, Bolivian workers, peasants, and coca growers triumphed over government plans to privatize water in the Cochabamba region. Sustained protests at the national level pressured an ailing Hugo Banzer to resign the Bolivian presidency in the summer of 2001.

Peru’s social movements have mobilized against reform president Alejandro Toledo over his unfulfilled promises. Unrest in Ecuador continues in the face of dollarization and a rapacious neoliberalism. The populist government of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela has come under attack by disaffected workers, as well as by the country’s elites. In Brazil, the past two years have witnessed a significant increase in struggle, in which labor militancy in the cities has begun to catch up with the rural activism of Brazil’s powerful Landless Rural Workers Movement. And building opposition to the U.S. government’s military designs-Plan Colombia and the so-called war on terrorism-has developed into a continent-wide campaign.

In this context, the victory over the de la Rua government heralds a new period in Latin American class struggle. In particular, Argentinians now stand at a crossroads. Events in coming months either will lead to a workers’ solution to the crisis-a solution that could also galvanize workers across Latin America into new revolts-or they will result in a squandered opportunity to seize the offensive against neoliberalism and imperialism. (Source)”

By saying NO we the people of Greece will take back the situation into our hands. We are ready for the consequences, because we are well aware what they will be. But we will inspire other nations in the south of Europe to do the same and sooner or later, the nations in the north will begin to listen. Whereas if we continue to say yes…. then I am afraid we are only trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We have to do something as an entity, as a nation, to stop this invasion, this economic warfare. We cannot let people like Soros, Rubini and institutions like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the FED win.

We all know who and what Papandreou is, and what purpose he served… but we cannot continue to lower our heads as a people because the “system” wants it so.

Mr. Samaras, until last week we had a yes man in power whom we all know was not working in the interest of our nation. You did right by not supporting his government, but by dictating to your MPs to give their vote of confidence today in Parliament (when we all know that a member of Goldman Sachs is heading it… ) only means that you were lying to us all these months.

Kammenos and Kanelli are the exceptions, and we need personalities such as these to voice their opinions in the Greek parliament Mr. Samaras. Do not make the mistake and oust Kammenos…. because he does not want to be “politically correct”. I suggest that you allow your deputies to vote any which way they see fit. This way, you will not be backing down from your “politically correct” stance, and our deputies will be free (and held responsible) for their decisions.

We the people need voices that can stand proud, no matter the odds and say simply say “NO… THIS IS WRONG. This does not serve the interests of our nation. And a JUNTA type of government that did not evolve from elections, that has in its ranks men and women who are 100 PERCENT ACCOUNTABLE for the state our economy is today, who has as its leader a man who is part of “the system” (and a member of the Trilateral Commission, Goldman Sachs and the Bilderberg Group) and that was forced on us the people and only supported by the corrupted Greek mainstream media… is WRONG!

If you do not do this Mr. Samaras, because it goes against your politically correct tough and harsh party line, then it will not surprise me if the
ND party loses voter momentum at the next national elections. And because I know, and speak with, a number of ND supporters everyday, when this happens, your seat as head of the ND party will not last long either.

Marina Spanos


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