SHOCKING REPORT – Senior Official Charges Papandreou of Devising Idea of Military Coup

photo defencenet

 A shocking testimony that was published today only comes to confirm what we here at hellasfrappe already suspected about the so called “coup” that former prime minister George Papandreou said he suspected was ready to explode when he announced a national referendum two weeks ago.

Some may recall that reports from France said that Papandreou told French President Nikola Sarkozy (when Papandreou went to explain himself in Cannes at the G20 summit) that he decided to sack prominent Chiefs of Staff because he found out that there was going to be a “military coup”. The “coup”, said a report on defencenet today was rigged by the government itself to justify Papandreou’s decision to call for a referendum! The changes took many members of the government and of the armed forces by surprise. 

Here is a small excerpt to refresh your memory

An extraordinary meeting of the Government Council of Foreign Affairs and Defence (Kysea), which comprises the prime minister and other key cabinet members, accepted Defence Minister Panos Beglitis’ proposal that the following changes be made to army, navy and air force and the general staff:

  • General Ioannis Giagkos, chief of the Greek National Defence General Staff, to be replaced by Lieutenant General Michalis Kostarakos
  • Lieutenant General Fragkos Fragkoulis, chief of the Greek Army General Staff, to be replaced by lieutenant general Konstantinos Zazias
  • Lieutenant General Vasilios Klokozas, chief of the Greek Air Force, to be replaced by air marshal Antonis Tsantirakis 
  • Vice-Admiral Dimitrios Elefsiniotis, chief of the Greek Navy General Staff, to be replaced by Rear-Admiral Kosmas Christidis

Papandreou, who realized the seriousness of what he did by calling for the referendum decided to make it more believable by stripping the leadership of the Hellenic Armed Forces from their duties.

This shocking testimony was given to defencenet from a senior Ministry of Defence official shortly before newly appointed Minister of Defense Avramopoulos took over. Before this revelation, defencenet was highly critical of former Minister of Defense Panos Beglitis, but according to the senior official the decision to sack the Chiefs of Staff was not the Beglitis’s.

“This was not the idea of ​​Panos Beglitis.He received a call (order) from the “top” (meaning from the former prime minister G. Papandreou himself) who asked him to take care of this, and he did. In plain words he commanded him to it. He (Beglitis) did not resist either.” The official added that this had to be done so that Papandreou could convince his European partners in Cannes that it was true to excuse himself for threatening to hold a referendum.

After this, what can one say… ? When governments set up conspiracies that go against the Armed Forces to justify their own political mistakes it only means one thing and one thing only… they do not respect national security in general which is made up of thousands of dedicated men and women who have pledged to do nothing else but defend the Greek flag.


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