Apostolos Gletzos Slams Central Greek Development Committee! (VIDEO)

We here at have often said that there are some politicians in Greece that are not even capable of serving perfume samples at department stores, but there are also a few that are exceptionally bright and so committed to the good of the nation. One of those politicians, believe it or not, is actor Apostolos Gletzos. Some may remember him from ANT1’s “Psythiri Kardias” show (as well as a long line of other sitcoms and/ or movies).

What some may not know however, is that Gletzos is also very politically active and has been a strong supporter of the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

In 2010 he was elected Mayor of Styllida, Fthiotida (in Central Greece) and quickly became even more famous when he went against the socialist government on a decision to hike the prices of tolls. Some may recall the case back in January 2011 when Gletzos used a municipal bulldozer to break
through barriers on the Athens-Thessaloniki highway so that his
constituents could bypass the Pelasgia tollbooth without having to be charged. This infuriated the government and a prosecutor in Fthiotida issued a warrent for his arrest. Gletzos surrendered and when the all of the residents in the area showed up to protest (as did citizens across Greece because the case went national) Gletzos was let go.

Just last month, and more exactly on October 28th, this Mayor of Stylida struck again. This time he asked that all those sitting in the platform set up for the “elites” at the national parade step down, and allow the war veterans who actually fought in WWII to sit instead. And they did! Veterans (or pappoudes) in their 70s and 80s enjoyed the parade while the “elites” had to stand! (We here at hellsafrappe especially liked this move.)

But Apostolos Gletzos decided to strike for a third time. This past weekend at a meeting of Central Greek officials that were convening to determine investments in this prefecture of Greece, it was uncovered that specific environmental groups (known all over Greece to block and/or stall state investments) were successful in blocking a huge investment for a wind turbine park on the island of Skyros that would have generated many profits for the island’s residents.

Gletzos angry about the decision said it is these types of decisions that do not allow Greece and its rural countryside to develop and move forward. He revealed that the crisis is at a critical point and already he has established a food bank for the poor and hungry in his area. “We do not have the luxury to ignore investments that lean towards development and generate money” for Central Greece he said.

Addressing the the Mayor Skyros and members of the Committee on Environment and Development in the Region of Central Greece,  he said the wind turbine parks can be set up in his area instead. He argued that investments should be made despite the negative reactions of a small majority of the municipality of Skyros and then he challenged the company to take the investment to Stylida stressing that investments of these sorts are so huge that they not only help municipalities but also Greek development as a whole.

We say…  you have used common logic once again Apostolos…  We need more political personalities such as you so that this country can at least take one step forward.

You are the ultimate male hmmm… we mean Mayor…. We applaud you! 


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