SPECIAL REPORT – The LAOS party is a total joke!


Some say that the elevation of the extremist right party LAOS is a phenomenon… Or is it? I actually view them as a total JOKE. Its party leader Georgos Karatzaferis was part of the New Democracy party until its former leader Costas Karamanlis decided to oust him the party ranks. And in no time, Karatzaferis formed the LAOS party. The funds used to form his party have come under scrutiny many times by many, and for good reason, since Karatzaferis has said that he sold milk when he was young in order to make ends meet and I ask… how much milk does one need to sell in order to become one of the richest members in Parliament?

I mean how much milk can a man sell in order to obtain 50 properties, own a newspaper, operate a television station (which is total trash TV) and form a political party that apparently does not owe any money to no one? This alone screams conspiracy. Did he sell milk… or something else? Our guess is the second.

But because I like to back everything I say, I invite you to listen closely to the first video below which was broadcasted on his Teleacity Channel in 2000.

In the video Karatzaferis, who openly admits that he has “access” to such information, says that the Americans were already planning to elevate George Papandreou to head the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) to power since the year 2000 when Papandreou was Foreign Minister under the Costas Simitis government.

He then predicts that the New Democracy party will win the 2004 national elections, which it did, and the same “system” which elevated Papandreou will topple the Karamanlis government so that George Papandreou can come to power and execute all that he was recruited to do. All of which happened exactly as he described.

The reason, claims Karatzaferis, that they (meaning foreign interests) are doing this is to divide the Aegean Sea for its natural wealth (oil and natural gas). And then he goes on a rant about how this would of been served by Papandreou to the Greek people… (and to some extent it was) and here is where it gets exciting…  “..listen Greek people this is a great achievement (meaning the discovery of natural gas) but since (YOU HAVE BEEN FACED WITH A MASSIVE CUT IN YOUR BENEFITS WITH GREECE’S ENTRANCE TO THE EUROZONE) the cutting of the 13th and 14th wages from a debt crisis,  and since the ARMY IS NOT A SOLUTION (because a commercial army was already in design from the year 2000, we have a solution for you).”

So, he adds, without a proper army to protect Greece and with Greece deep in debt, George will become a hero for dividing the Aegean 70-30 with Turkey. But then America enters the picture and tells Greece “listen Greeks… you owe us 45 trillion drachmas, because it is America we owe even though we have borrowed money from Japan, because even the Japanese banks are American owned (meaning they all answer to the Federal Reserve and the Rothchilds)… it is obvious that you cannot pay back this money to us Greece so we (the United States) will WRITE OFF (or perform a HAIRCUT- as they did) on your DEBTS but you will give me 40 percent of your natural wealth for this (meaning our petroleum and natural gas).

I remind readers that Karatzaferis said all this in the year 2000, 
and we are experiencing all this today.

Getting back to our story…


Do not misinterpret what I am saying I am without a doubt 100 PERCENT AGAINST Karatzaferis and his LAOS government which is made up of nothing more (the majority that is) of former PASOK socialists who worked to benefit the government of George Papandreou over the last two years.

Nonetheless, he has one weakness and that is arrogance. He thirsts for power and sometimes makes mistakes. This video was one of them… And because I base my beliefs on truths… and not just conspiracies, this video is documented proof that Karatzaferis had access to information on what was going to happen in Greece for the next decade, as well as how we were going to be bankrupted as a nation so that everything he has predicted in this video can materialize.

with PASOK and Dora Bakoyianni.

(View this video where A.Georgiadis tries to scream above George Trangas so that Trangas’ criticism about LAOS being responsible about the present economic situation is because they helped PASOK bring the Troika to Greece… and then have a sedative because he can be annoying to listen to).

Here enjoy another video confirming what Trangas said, this time served by Communist MP Liana Kanneli who totally SLAMS Georgiadis.
Enjoy a third video so that the information can sink well with you… 
it is especially interesting after 40 seconds. 

In think all three videos prove that Karatzaferis, as well as his party, have never worked for the interests of the Greek people….  they were established in order to hurt the right-wing movement in Greece so that PASOK can be elevated to power. Simple as that.

Yesterday we saw how excited they were about taking over several key ministries and we predict that over the next few months they will try and win over the taxi owners union, farmers and contractors…. since the ministries they were given represent all these sectors.Much like PASOK, who believes that it is the only political party in Greece that was formulated to rule, the LAOS party is more of the same. So do not fool yourselves with their common logic. They are serving interests. Pure and Simple!

Everything this party stands for is a crock of sh**t. They are responsible if not more for the present economic mess this country is in and not to be trusted.

Just look how the media supports them. I need not remind all of you that they just have several ministers in government. All the channels that supported PASOK simultaneously supported the views of the LAOS party. Coincidence?

All the newspapers and blogs that supported PASOK supported LAOS as well. Another coincidence?

And because they scream opportunists, they have now sided with “other interests”(media, industry sector) and suddenly they are anti-Papandreou.


Like I said further up, I view them as a TOTAL FARCE.


Especially their MP Adonis Georgiadis who took over the Ministry of Commercial Shipping. If one sits and actually listens to Georgiadis for 10 seconds we guarantee that you will either begin pulling your hair from frustration or become a drug addict from his spastic attacks. Another minister from LAOS that also is a total joke, and that was appointed to the Agricultural Ministry is Asteras Rondoulis. When he begins speaking the only thing that can calm things and make things bearable is a bottle of whiskey or even better a couple of shots of tsipouro.

And we arrive at George Karatzaferis… the man who says he sold milk (yeah right…) to make ends meet. The man who once pumped his body with steroids and competed in body building contests who today looks more like a butterball turkey than anything else… He is a total, if not the ultimate joke. He dies his hair to look younger, pretends to be a “father” to other political leaders, probably practices his comeback lines in front of a mirror all day and the BIGGEST OPPORTUNIST of a politician that has ever entered the Greek parliament. In fact we think he would be better off heading a souvlaki restaurant rather than pretending to be a suave politician… he just doesn’t “have it”.
Besides… I personally will never forgive him for helping to topple Costas Karamanlis, who by far was the only politician that was elevated to power in Greece that actually worked for the people.

Marina Spanos


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