Papademos is Obligated To Give Us Answers

The ELEFTHEROTYPIA or “E” newspaper posed some interesting questions in one of its articles today which concern newly appointed Premier Lucas Papademos. The questions cover his direct involvement in the Greek stock exchange scandal and the false “statistics” or “creative accounting” that was used in 2000 by the socialist Costas Simitis government for the country’s accession to the Eurozone (with the help of Goldman Sachs, etc). The newspaper says Mr. Papademos is obligated to give explanations about the following:

As governor of the Bank of Greece, 1999-2001, did Papademos realize what was happening on the Greek stock market?

What was his contribution in Greece’s integration to the euro zone, since it is thus known today that it was the result of “creative accounting” (on the part of the Simitis government)?  After all even French President Sarkozy (realized it) terming it as “wrong.”

What exactly happened with Goldman Sachs, always in relation to the country’s accession to the eurozone?

What is his view on the bailout since two weeks ago, or right after the October 27 bailout in EU, Papademos said in an article that if Greece believes that the debt restructuring (called clipping) brings “smaller economic benefits than is often provided”. He added that “the process involves considerable risks for Greece and the euro area”.

Hellasfrappe agrees…. Mr. Papademos is obligated to answer these questions.


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