SPECIAL REPORT – Government Of National Salvation or Destruction?

The following is a translation by hellasfrappe of an article that was contributed to our blog from the skeptomenos-gr website.

It is unfortunate for Greece, and its people, but it seems that the the team from “skeptomenos” has once again hit the bullseye in everything it has said and predicted over time about the current political and economic crisis which has been plaguing our country over the past two years. Those who follow this blog and its comments on the social networks, may recall that over a year ago it predicted that a Greek default will not blow up in the hands of a one-party Government and PASOK and every government that is formed thereafter will not be burdened with this “hot potato” either.

Also, it continually stressed that naive comments about George Papandreou being sent to “Goudi” (a residential neighborhood of Athens and home to a large army camp of the same name where the Trial of the Six defendants were executed in 1922) or even to trial are just that, naive comments. It has even gone as far as claiming that Papandreou will leave as a gentlemen when he completes the work of which he was recruited to do.

“The political events over the last few days confirm everything we have forecasted thus far, while it brings the next dramatic developments we have predicted closer than we expected. We have come to the conclusion that everything Greece is presently experiencing is a consequence of consultations, agreements and ‘instructions’ on the part of George Papandreou and his socialist government because there is no perfect crime and after closely monitoring the developments we can safely claim that foul ups have and can be made.

Over the last two years we have witnessed attacks on Greece and the EU (the latter being the ultimate target) from various interests and so-called markets, mostly from across the Atlantic. We have also witnessed Europe running to collect the apparent blunders of Trojan (wannabe) politicians (which the blog has named on many accounts). If you go over the events these past two years you will witness that every time the EU took steps to bring stability back on the markets, these Trojans were immediately ‘activated’ and with one swift motion would again send the markets in a frenzy. Of course who and which currency benefits from all these moves is more than obvious.

With this in mind, when an agreement was reached on October 27 we all believed that a period of stability would once again come to the EU. But it was just this… wishful thinking since our own Trojan horse George Papandreou rushed after receiving instructions and havoc was brought to the markets again. The results are well known thereafter, as well as how the crisis suddenly spilled over into Italy in a domino effect. And what’s more… we heard every brainless analogy supporting the reasons Papandreou threw on the table about the referendum.

Everything that happened as a consequence was expected because the mental capabilities of George Papandreou can only absorb a certain amount of information on what to say and how to go about saying it but he can not be advised and monitored continuously. Without this direct contact he is sometimes left on his own and he suddenly says something that is without any substance at all while he is communicating and since he does not understand and comprehend what he is exactly doing he has to again be told what to do and say to clean up the mess up.

This is what we have been subjected to over the last two years, and this is what we are experiencing as a result of this incompetence.

The tragedy for our country has just begun. And because many of you ask us what is going to happen from hereinafter and what to expect, this time we will inform you and not just predict or notify Greek citizens as we have done in the past. And the reason we are saying this, is because it is too late to reverse the course of developments that are already in full swing and that have been designed years now.

The evolution of developments will proceed as follows:

1.The creation of a government “of national disaster” following a command by Obama himself at the last G20 summit.

2.The mandate to all political forces was not given to help Greece through a collaboration of parties and the adoption of a common political line because this will not happen (the reasons are listed below). The mandate was clear and compelling. SAVE George. Nothing more, nothing less.

3.This new government will have two roles. One is to relieve Papandreou from his responsibilities and allow him to escape from being sent to Goudi (metaphorically speaking) and the second task is to bring inner turmoil to the country so that the last phase of this plan can unfold which is none other than our default. This will then spillover to other EU countries that are in the red and weaken Europe and its euro against the US and its dollar.

We know that many of you will once again call us theorists of doom, but we said the very same things when we analyzed similar subjects in previous articles and were specific that Greece will go bankrupt either with an ecumenical government, or a coalition government.

Now why are we saying all this to you, and where does this all stem from?

It is obvious that this cooperation between the two major political parties is being conducted to clean up George’s mess and to relieve him of his (serious) responsibilities and not for the October 27 bailout agreement. This of course is supported by the fact that our foreign partners are not permitting Greece to adopt the model of Portugal and this is where all the juice is.

We cannot understand why direct elections were ignored, since the main opposition party of New Democracy decided to sign and accept the agreement of October 27 as well as the new loan agreements too. This would of given a fresh popular mandate to the new government to implement the changes. What happened and this all changed? The new party would have the support of the people to sign these agreements but instead an unconstitutional government is presently being formed without any legitimacy from the people.

Of course, the question is rhetorical is it because the Big Ones do not want the default to blow up in the hands of a one party government? 

Also, how can a government with limited responsibilities and functions, without the vote of the people sign something that would bind Greece for the next 30 years?

And how will they be able to pull this off when everything is a mess, where there is no consensus on a political level and when society is totally against them?

It is thereafter obvious that this new government is being formed to do just that, nothing. 

It will clean up the responsibilities of various politicians and political parties and no one will be able to place responsibility on them after this because in essence it will be a government that will have limited powers and no legality. We do not believe that we should analyze this subject further. it is clearly understood by all. 

Of course the responsibilities in this case further burden Antonis Samaras since we all know what and who Papandreou is. Samaras’ responsibilities are to keep in line with what is best for society and how the country will benefit as a whole as well as with his party’s line in the same fashion that his predecessor Costas Karamanlis did when he put the interests of the nation first before anything else.

But let us not forget that even Samaras is a child of the West much like Dora is (Dora Bakogiannis). 

These are the consequences from the decisions of voters who decided to toss out Karamanlis. Whether we like it or not, this former leader proved that he only looked out for the interests of the nation both in his attitude towards our (future economic) “murderers” and through the agreements he attempted to land.

The people of this country decided that New Democracy’s leadership had  to include one of two American children (Samaras or Bakogianni) and its Prime Minister had to also be of American descent (George Papandreou). Following this everything took its course.

And we arrive to today, where George’s old schoolmate (from Harvard) Antonis has come along to acquit him (of all these serious accusations) so that Greece enters the final phase of this devious plan aimed at its total destruction (and the EU’s as well).

And here comes the question of the day… Is this a government of national salvation or of destruction?

Unfortunately the worst is still ahead of us, our problems are just beginning.

We only hope that people wake up so as to not lose site.

We can still salvage a little because after everything that has occurred there is only a little left to save anyway.

The only solution that can save us and can possibly alter the path that our country is currently on is widely known, at least by some, and it is only one simple thing. 

As we head for disaster and our country continues to sink this option will become more and more evident by all.

Of course we cannot disclose this as of yet because we are not permitted to but even if we were permitted to do so we would not reveal this solution because people are still in a deep coma to even come to grips with it. 

In time, however, expect information from us, including names and details but first let us hope that Greeks wake up, or at least begin to open up one eye lid…

The only thing we can do is bid everyone good luck and extend the hope that this bitter tale ends with the least amount of victims…


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