SPECIAL REPORT – What exactly happened when Papandreou went to Russia in 2010?

What exactly happened when outgoing prime minister George Papandreou went to Moscow? Interestingly enough when Greeks took to the streets on OXI day in what was an unprecedented event and that eventually led to the announcement of the referendum and all the political turmoil following that an interesting story was also broadcasted on Kontra Channel on that very same night which revealed what really went on at the meeting between George Papandreou and Russian premier Putin in 2012. Obviously the other events overshadowed the story, and hellasfrappe wanted to publish it then (or last weekend right after OXI day) but due to the alarming amount of news over the course of last week, we placed this article on the back burner and decided to publish it today.

Kontra news host Terrence Quick welcomed journalist Kostas Mavropoulos who made some startling revelations about what happened behind closed doors during Papandreou’s visit to Moscow in 2010. According to him the Russians let Papandreou have it over the “war” he had declared against the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline.

Mavropoulos focused on four points. He said:

  • the Russians let Papandreou “have it” on the negative stance he took over the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline project as well as the war he had declared against this project.
  • Putin directly asked Papandreou to lease the shipbuilding area of Neorion in Syros for Russian military and passenger ships, with great ($$$) benefits for Greece. (but Papandreou apparently totally ignored this offer as well)
  • the Russians also apparently offered to invest heavily in various sectors of the Greek economy.
  • and most importantly Putin offered to loan Greece funds with a low interest rate of 2-3%!

Papandreou, who we all know by now has not been serving the interests of Greece, but of Uncle Sam, simply said “no thanks” obeying his New World Order bosses and serving the interests of international bankers. Annoyed with his response, Putin apparently told Papandreou that his only path or solution thereafter is to go to the IMF.

We need to remind readers that the discussions during Papandreou’s visit to Moscow last year were revealed in a previous article on hellasfrappe entitled “Russia Was Ready to Loan Greece 25bln Euros, but Papandreou Ignored It

The article had revealed that the leader of the Greeks in Russia, in an interview to “E” newspaper had said that Putin was willing, out of good faith, to help Greece in every way it could but all Papandreou did at this meeting was talk about the ecological problems in Greece and green development. “Why did he come,” said the Russian side.

Indeed. Why did he go?

During the same period some may also recall that Papandreou was hopping from country to country in the framework, of what his government had said, to rally for Greek support on its debt crisis. This visit to Russia was months before Greece signed with the Troika and the memorandum of shame and judging from what the journalist revealed on Kontra Channel Papandreou was not rallying to find support for Greece, he was rather traveling, seeing the sites and promoting green development….

We here at hellasfrappe believe he just wanted to convince the Greek people that he was rallying for our side in an attempt to elevate his popularity when he had already decided to hand our country over to the IMF months before we actually signed the Memorandum. Some may recall the Lakis Lazopoulos show when the comedian broadcasted the ever popular video featuring former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Khan openly admitting that the IMF was working  behind closed doors “or underground” with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s party, to promote Greece’s entry to the IMF many months before we  succumbed to the first bailout package.
As revealed in the video Strauss Khan is quoted by a French reporter as saying that: “when I say that the IMF came to Greece and we wrapped things up in 15 days I am (obviously) exaggerating. We wrapped things up in 15 days because we worked for months before that with Greek authorities, (in a hush hush environment or) underground, (in order to prepare for this). Why? Because Greek authorities wanted the IMF bailout, but for political reasons Papandreou refused to tell (the truth) to the Greek people.”  Click here for that story.

If Papandreou was offered so much money from Russia, as well as a nice investment package but denied it because he was already working with IMF authorities “underground”…. then there are only two words for this… HIGH TREASON. He should be trialed and put in jail. He purposely led this country to the IMF and the hands of the Troika.

Marina Spanos


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